Prevailing Darkness (Story Quiz for Guys!) Part 1

READ THIS!!!! ALERT!!! WHATEVER!!! READ IT!!! Okay, remember, in this story, you are a GUY. A DUDE. A BOY. And this story really is meant mostly for guys, though I'm a girl... wait, I am writing this though I'm a girl. Okay, girls can participate if they want but remember there's mostly action, not romance and love and stuff. WARNING: NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T APPRECIATE VIOLENCE OR BLOOD OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. AND IT HAS TO DO WITH THE SUPERNATURAL AND HORROR. DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T TAKE IT.

Anyway, I finished my warning. So, you are a GUY. I can't remind you enough. This story has really long paragraphs to read, I'm sorry about that, but then again, it wouldn't sound good if it were broken up into smaller pieces. So if you're a fast reader but alert for details, then you're fine. But if you're a slow one, no offense meant at all, I wouldn't take this story quiz unless you have the time. And skimming through won't work either, or you'll miss really important facts for you to understand the story. Also this is only an EXPERIMENT. IF IT DOESN'T WORK OUT THEN I'LL STOP CONTINUING THIS SERIES. With that said, you can begin reading!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

  2. Your alarm clock rings, muffled, underneath your pillow. You snap your eyes open, which is not usual for you and your habits. You were the most rebellious teenager in the Orphanage for Needless children, which was situated on the shoreline of a moist, muddy swamp reeking with the stench of rotten fish that appeared right in front of you if you opened the creaky door, on the border of New Jersey, U.S.A. Nobody wanted to open the door to get a wisp of that smell. Which was why the Principal of the orphanage thought it was the 'perfect' spot. The staff were cruel when making the kids do chores- wiping dirt off the floor, washing dishes used only by the Principal and the staff, drying dirty laundry, you name it. But how were you rebellious? You have had thirteen years of experience, probably right from the day you were born, on June first. Apparently, Mrs. Jenkins, your own personal monitor, reported that when your mother dropped you off when you were a baby in a little box in front of the door and left, you were holding the bracelet she had arrived with. As a result, you were an expert shoplifter, skillfully able to avoid the security cameras and guards and come back with cool gadgets and other stuff. Among them were a pair of brand-new Nikes shoes, several (actually millions of) books stored under your bed, a pretty cheap phone but a phone all the same with texting and camera abilities, a pocketknife that you kept tucked into your jeans pocket at all times for an emergency, the alarm clock, and a banana which you gave to a hungry kid about your age for his entire salary throughout his thirteen years- twenty bucks for about ten thousand chores. But now you were fed up and decided to take it one step further and run away. Time- one in the morning.
  3. Cursing your alarm clock when a nine-year-old kid beside you shuffled in bed, you hit the 'snooze' button with a specific finger while peeking underneath the pillow. Getting up, you sling a raggedy backpack onto your shoulders, making sure not to make anything jangle inside. It was filled with eveything you had shoplifted, including the books. You couldn't live without books. But you left the alarm clock on another kid's desk. He was six years old, and though you felt embarressed to admit it even to yourself, he was your only friend. His name was simply Max. The kid loved to examine the objects that you stole, and was so loyal unlike other kids; he never revealed any thieving you did to anyone. He even joined you during your raids sometimes. You felt a pang of sadness in yourself as you placed the alarm clock, the object he found most interesting, on his desk along with a little good-bye note. you thought Max was too young to go on a journey to who-knows-where with you. Patting his little head and already missing him, you bit your lower lip, sneaked from corner to corner, until you reached the BACK door.
  4. It's a full-moon night. The moon is unnaturally low and yellowish in the black sky smeared with dashes of purple like an artist painting on a black-background canvas, so you could almost see all the moon's craters. The sky was sprinkled with twinkling white stars, as if teasing you or encouraging you. You didn't know which. Down on earth, soft breezes hustled by, bringing some of the swamp stench from the back and rustling the tall, skeleton-like trees surrounding the back of the orphanage. The ground was a meadow of dead(ish) grass, but after it hit the trees, there was nothing but forest around you. Other than the whining winds whistling past your ears, it was unnaturally silent. You usually liked to come out here with Max during some times when you felt bored, but even if Max wasn't talking, it wasn't as silent as it was now. You frowned. 'Shut up, me,' you thought. 'It doesn't matter.' And you trudged off in the direction toward the forest. 'It's now or never.'
  5. As you trekked through the grainy dead grass the pratically crumbled into dust underneath the Nike shoes you wore, you suddenly heard an odd metallic clatter when you took a step. Frowning again, you removed your foot from the spot where the sound came from and peered down incredulously, but at the same time, shifting his body into the shadows of the trees, in case Mrs. Jenkins or some other staff member had thought to stay up. You crouched onto the ground and peered. Then you saw a sharp glint coming from the spot, the moonlight reflecting off the object. You raised your eyebrows, reached out, and picked up the object. You dangled it by an ornately decorated string and it twirled in the moonlight. It looked like some kind of jewelry piece- a very dark, evil-looking thing. It was an amulet. The string was made of some kind of black silk. The actual amulet lay in the middle. Two jade dragons were coiled around each other, red rubies for eyes shining wickedly, with a backdrop of a YinYang symbol made of black and silver diamond and a blue sheet of different shades of paper-thin sapphire, representing water. The dragons were coiled withing a razor-sharp edged, metal circle, colored in a strange pattern of red, black, gold, and purple. The amulet had an evil, dark aura as it shined in the moon. You felt it as you stared into its' ruby eyes, enchanting you. Dragging you closer into its' embrace. Consuming you with a heavenly darkness. Injecting you with a wonderful, abnormal feeling. Hypnotizing you and dragging you into its' world. You wanted to go back, but you couldn't. You remained with the darkness, smothered by clouds of it. The dark prevailing in your heart. Abruptly, someone snatched it out of your hand, and the paranormal feeling vanished like it never was there. You gasped from the shock and stumbled onto the ground.
  6. Slowly you recovered from the shock and regained your composure. Thoughts swimming in your brain, you slowly but steadily tried to get up when you felt a huge, throbbing pain spring in your chest- the same person who snatched away the amulet had kicked you in the chest. You didn't know if you were screaming or not; the pain was so intense it sizzled up your spine and into your brain, and it throbbed like crazy. "Why the hell did you pick the damn thing up, wuss?" a low-pitched, male voice snarled. "You're the crappiest, stupidest kid I've ever met." Then the guy, before you could react, snatched your shirt by the collar with breakneck speed, snatched you up, and smashed you with brute force into one of the hard-bark trees. The bark bored into your back and shoulder blades, increasing the pain. You felt blood trickle from the side of your mouth from accidentally biting your tongue.
  7. The guy removed his grip from your shirt. Using the split second time limit you tried to flip out your knife to defend yourself. But then with the same lightning, unnatural speed, he grasped you by the throat and it hard against the tree, so hard that it rattled. You reached out for your knife again, but he quickly sought out pressure points on both of your arms and applied pressure on them. The pain seared through your body like a scorching wave of heat. The throbbing intensified, more blood dribbled out and dripped down your chin, but you didn't yell. There were so many outcomes- these guys could slit your throat and leave you to die, the staff members could come, drag you back in, and ruin your reputation.... How much more could there be? But now, you were very close to passing out. Your mind was clouding and couldn't process your thoughts. You couldn't breathe. With the last bits of your strength, you raised your hands and grabbed onto the guy's one hand and tried to take it off, but to no avail. It was as hard as rock and stronger than you had ever known. "Huh," he heard another guy begin with a smirk. "He's a fighter." The guy holding your throat growled deeply from withing his throat and held your neck tighter. Though your mind was nearly out of charge and your lungs were out of oxygen, you knew your situation and tugged harder, feeling your heartbeat pulse dangerously fast in your ears. "What do we do?" he heard a third guy ask surprisingly timidly. "Kill him? He saw it. And felt it."
  8. "I say kill him," the guy holding your throat said viciously. By this time, your lights were flickering out and going out. 'Is this what it feels like to die?' you thought to yourself. But you flickered slightly when you thought about Max again. There was no oxygen supply in your lungs, but the thought of the little six-year-old sleeping in the orphanage gave you the strength to live- if just for a little bit longer. "I say no," uttered a calm voice. At this, the hand holding you miraculously faltered. The owner of the hand's stubborness lessened. He sighed, finally. "Are you sure?" A new voice in the background chirped, "If he says it, then he means it, dork." "Who're you calling a dork?" the guy holding you shouted back. You had no choice. Despite your plight, you snickered. Suddenly after your laugh, everybody snapped their attention toward you.
  9. The voice that voted 'no' finally broke the silence while smiling. "I say we let him join us." The hold on your throat trembled again just as you were about to pass out again. You thought your brain was going to get damaged soon from all of the strain. Your brain began fizzing out again, like a crackling strike of lightning illuminating the sky and disappearing just as quickly as it came. The gruff boy grumbled foul words to himself silently. The same patient voice offered, "You can knock him out if you want. Put him from to sleep for a while." Several laughs from the back. The guy holding onto your throat seized it with a newfound power again. Despite your lack of strength, you heard the evident grin and bloodlust in his voice as he spoke just one word "Sure." A hard first slammed into the side of your head so hard you didn't even notice the pain or the fact that you had fallen down with a large thump. 'Great, another rookie' were the last words you heard before you passed out, the fading image of the amulet haunting your mind.
  10. So I hope you enjoyed the first part of my series. It was kind of long ad difficult, but yeah. Again, this is an experiment. A trial-and-error kinda thing. So for the girls who read it, voila. You're reading a guys-meant thing. And for the guys.... Well, I'm a girl myself and tried my best to make it as good as I possibly could make it. So there you have it. If I get good reviews and ratings, then I'll continue this; if not, there's a possibility I'll give one more try andd then discontinue it if it gets the same results. Oh, and both of the results are the same, just different labels. With that, good bye. ;)

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