Prevailing Darkness (Part 2)

All right, so here's the second part of the series! WARNING: YOU ARE A GUY. STILL A DUDE. WARNING #2: THERE WILL BE SOME REFERENCES TO HOMOSEXUALITY IN HERE. I don't have anything against gays, don't get me wrong. WARNING #3: LOTS OF TRIED AND FAILED HUMOR (I THINK). WARNING #4: VERY LONG PARAGRAPHS!!! Oh and once you're done with the quiz, please be kind enough to read the parting words. :)

A lot of thanks to that one reviewer of the first part of my quiz! It was originally intended to bring guys to start to read story quizzes, 'cause the rest are about girls and all sappy and romantic, which gets on my nerves. No offense. So now it's okay for both girls and guys to read. O_0 So I tried my best to make this mysterious and suspenseful and... let's say... frustrating. Please read on if you want a good story! Oh yeah and the first quiz is called- 'Prevailing Darkness (Story Quiz for Guys!) Part 1' if you haven't read it.

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. Make sure you've read the description before reading on, or you won't understand anything!
  2. You woke up groggily, your eyelids heavier than normal against your eyes. Your senses were blurred, and you couldn't properly feel what was going on around you. When you finally managed to open your eyes, albeit a crack, the rest of your senses followed suit. Rays of light filtering through what seemed like a small window to the left of you streamed into your range of vision. Through your sense of touch, you felt your head lolling against a cushion, your hands stuck against armrests by cold strips of metal, and the same to your legs, and they felt like molten lead. Through your hearing, you heard the rusty squealing of a door against uncleaned hinges and a pair of steps strolling inside. You caught the scent of a slight chemical order, but other than that, nothing seemed very wrong.
  3. "You're awake, aren't ya?" prodded a teasing voice right in front of you. You snapped awake, lurching your head up and opening your eyes wide, all the memories of the day before flooding through your head all at once. Ignoring the blinding light searing through your eyes and into your brain, you tried to jerk your body away from the chair. Suddenly you thought: 'Why the heck can't I move?' Then you looked down- and groaned at the sight. Cuffs had firmly attached your arms to the armrests of the couch they had seated you on, and your feet to the bottom of the couch. Then you finally noticed the light that was blinding you. Overcome with everything and exhausted out of your mind, you couldn't help but open your mouth to scream. Nobody stopped you, but you didn't care. You felt like some sissy girl, but you didn't care. You shrieked your heart out, from the pain, from leaving Max, for all the bad luck you had received in your life. Finally, your lungs aching, your throat burning, you stopped and gasped for breath, chest heaving up and down. When at last you caught your breath, the same voice that had called out teasingly now said quietly, "You okay now, bro?" Scrunching your eyes tight and refusing to let any words come out of your mouth, you nodded. "Bet your throat's all clogged up," he said next. Your head down, you opened your eyes reluctantly to see a hand in front of you with a paper cup filled almost to the brim with water. You couldn't help but comment gruffly, albeit reluctantly, after motioning toward your cuffed hands with a movement of your head, "It'll look gay. I think." "What do you mean?" "You. Feeding water to me. Gay-looking." You could hear the teasing grin in the voice remark after your comment, "Yeah, I guess. But what's more important- looking like a homo or getting the thing you need when you literally look like you're gonna die? Besides, you're in a cell. There's only one window, and it's high above us. Nobody can see." He held the cup closer toward your mouth, waiting for an answer. You grumbled, "Fine." The cup, in response, was pushed between your two lips and tilted upward. Your thieving instincts warned you that the water might be poisoned, but you didn't care. The liquid felt good, wetting your parched lips and quenching your thirst. Finally you released yourself from the cup and let your head thump back into your chair.
  4. After you were done, the guy asked you, "Want more water?" You shook your head from side-to-side. For you idiots out there, this indicates 'no'. Anyway, he trudged away from you. A second later you heard him plop into another couch in front of you about two feet in front with a jarring squeak. You winced at the sound. You heard him say sheepishly, "Sorry. We need to get new couches. These suck." You growled underneath your breath through gritted teeth, "Whatever." You could sense the other boy watching you quietly, and then you could feel a strange aura emitting from his side. A cold, dark aura. You shivered. "I'm trying to be nice to you," he retorted in an icy, menacing tone. "You'd do your best not to act like you're the one with the upper hand." It was the first time you'd heard a voice that actually scared you. You were used to the constant complaints and insults being hurled at you by the orphanage staff, but this voice? It made you freeze in total fear. It sounded just as unnatural and inhumane as the strength that was used to nearly strangle you to death the day before. You broke into a cold sweat; it sounded like he was about to kill you. You gripped the armrests tightly. Though you couldn't bare to say the word that you hadn't said in almost one year, you said it- "Sorry." The guy with the cold voice answered, "Good," with a smirk that was able to be heard. "It works almost every time." He waited for about two more minutes before finally continuing, "All right, you don't have to look up if you don't want to. But I guess you should know why Abaddon acted the way he did last night." 'So that's the dude's name,' you thought to yourself. 'Abaddon.' When you had completed the thought, you heard that the other person was still speaking. "The name suits him. Our leader, the stupid dude who actually let you live out of all the other people who were worthy, gives us all nicknames based on our character. Abaddon means destruction in Hebrew. Mine is Gryffin. It means-" "Mythological beast in Welsh." A silence for five seconds, and then Gryffin laughed. "I feel so lame now. Where did you learn that?" "Read it in a book," you answered pathetically.
  5. At last, you got the nerve to ask, still reluctantly though, "The amulet?" "Huh?" "The amulet. Abaddon." "Oh, yeah, sorry," Gryffin apologized. "I'll get back on topic." He snickered when you grumbled to yourself, annoyed. Then his voice abruptly turned to a very serious tone. Not icy and menacing like before; more like a voice that explained something very dreadful and bad was about to happen. "We are part of a large underground society." "Like the mafia." "You could say that. Normal mundanes- humans- can sell and buy drugs in black markets that're part of society. People like us monitor the goings-on of those markets. We make sure nothing criminal is going on. The black market is a criminal organization itself, but we make sure that nobody in it is doing their own cheating or crime. But sometimes these problems get too large to handle." Gryffin paused for a bit, then began again with a sigh. "This is where we really come into play- with our magic. Black magic." "Sorcery?" "Yes, exactly. The amulet that you picked up, remember?" You nodded, frowning at this new information. "That belongs to another group- like us- who are our sworn enemy. Those were the people who started this underworld, criminal organization in the first place. They lure innocent people with their own version of black magic into their traps and have them build their stores. By making sure honest deeds are being performed by using our black magic in a good way, we hope to one day bring about the fall of the founders of the black market, therefore crumbling the whole underworld itself. We have never fought against each other in person, though there is tension rising. There might be an opportunity." When you were about to interrupt, Gryffin raised a hand, telling you to stop. "There is more," he continued.
  6. "We have schools for black magic, and just normal wizardry itself," Gryffin went on. "Our leader, and the leader of the F.B.M.-" "F.B.M.?" "-'Founders of the Black Market'. Those two were the first graduates out of all of these schools. Our leader's followers, us, and the other leader's followers came next. After any person graduates with exceeding marks out of all the sorcery schools, which is extremely difficult, then you can choose whether or not to join the F.B.M. or us. However, people with only average marks join branches of our group. Only the champions of the champions join us. So far, in many years, we are still the only people who are in the original group." "How did you graduate?" At this, Gryffin smiled wryly. "We all had to use our magic against each other. We all tied, and all of us together lost to our leader." You widened your eyes. 'His leader must be powerful,' you thought. Then suddenly another thought sprang in your head. "You said many years. How-" "Once you graduate from all the schools of sorcery, you are granted immortality, whether you join F.B.M. or not."
  7. Your mind had gone completely blank. You were awestruck. That explained everything! The inhumane strength. Probably their names. The amulet. You had no idea all of this related to something you'd only read in books! "But... That still doesn't explain what happened last night..." "Ah, that," Gryffin sighed. "It's partly your fault, partly the F.B.M.'s fault, and partly Abaddon's fault. Your fault for touching it because- I mean, even a mundane- a human-" "I know that." "-whatever- should have some sense, right? A thing that looks that strange doesn't strike you as bad? Then the F.B.M. Of course they're evil, so they'd drop it to lure another person in. We have this intuition that tells us when something bad is lurking somewhere, so we follow that sense, which was why we had come to your place," Gryffin quickly added. "And then Abaddon. He's a fierce guy, of course. He loves to fight, but that's just because of his past life. It traumatized him, so that's why he acted so harsh. He should get over it, true. Not many people though, except us, know this but Abaddon is a really nice guy inside all that stubborn armor. He's concerned for mundanes like you. He sort of gave you a punishment. That way you feel so scared from then on that the moment you see or feel something like that again, you immediately drop your curiosity to explore." "I don't believe it." "What if I say that he was the one who helped heal the cut on your neck and the burn on your back? He threatened to kill you, but he'd never do such a thing to an innocent who doesn't know anything." You absorbed everything in. Maybe, just maybe he wasn't that much of a bad guy. Or maybe Gryffin was using magic right now, poisoning your mind to believe everything he was saying. But then again, you were in no position to do anything when you were chained to a chair. "Your leader," you began, presenting another doubt, "graduated the same time as the other F.B.M. leader. Shouldn't he have seen him? And you claim that you all haven't fought one-on-one...?" "To be honest," Gryffin murmured quietly, almost as if to himself, "our leader, Alystaire, doesn't reveal much to us, no matter how much we urge him to. But we have an obligation to follow him." 'Alystaire...' you thought. '...Scottish for protector and savior of mankind.'
  8. "Then why am I chained up like this? You guys are a whole lot stronger than I am." Gryffin gave another wry smile. "Just in case. Usually people who are born to sorcerers or who exhibit their own raw power are welcomed into the Schools. No offense, but to us you're just a random orphan who made a mistake and was rescued by us. I'm ninety-nine percent sure Alystaire let you live out of pity. And because he forbid us from erasing your memory or killing you off, you have no choice but to attend the school disguised as a sorcerer. We haven't detected any wisp of magic on you other than remnants of the amulet's magic, and we can't risk dropping you off back at the orphanage in case you reveal something about us." "But I can-" "You can keep secrets quite well, I suppose. But we have to take precautions." "But..." you trailed off as the news dawned upon you. You were going to a school of magic when you were nothing but a human. You probably could never meet Max again. "What's your name?" you heard Gryffin asking. "....Can't you just read my mind or something?" Gryffin shook his head, disagreeing. "I could if I wanted to. But I still like being polite." As everything sank in, you couldn't help but snort. "What?" Gryffin asked. "Anything's better than being in that orphanage." Gryffin smiled so widely it reached to be almost Chesire Cat-like. Creeped out, you shuddered in your chair. "You'll think the exact opposite once you get there," he jeered.
  9. "...So... Where am I?" you asked awkwardly. "You have a lot of questions," Gryffin scoffed. You fidgeted impatiently in the contraption that confined you and mumbled, "I have a right." you emphasized this by jerking your legs outward in an attempt to loosen the cuffs' hold on your feet. It was useless. Gryffin sighed. "Of course I'll tell you. But you have to look up first. You look weird staring down like that." "No." "Want me to zap your head off?" "No." "Then shut up and LOOK up." you muttered to yourself and looked up. And then gaped. The guy had an almost angelic appearance. A perfectly featured and structured figure from his head all the way down to his feet. He had shaggy black hair that fell down in messy bangs over violet, almond-shaped, reptilian-like eyes. There were four small piercings surrounding the four corners of his mouth that were tilted into something like a smile. Around his neck he wore a lacing, interlocking choker and there was a YinYang tattoo imprinted on his collar bone. He wore a low-neck, gray-and-purple striped top and skinny jeans with black, gray, and white checkered converse shoes. Long, elegant, pale hands were hidden in his pockets. After a moment of scrutiny, you asked: "Are you gay?" "SHUT UP ABOUT GAY PEOPLE ALREADY!" he roared suddenly. You had to bite your lower lip to suppress your laughter. A voice then echoed down the hall, saying, "I'm playing Call of Duty, Gryff. So shut it." you immediately recognized the voice as Abaddon's. You clenched your fists. Despite Gryffin's description of Abaddon's actual personality, you were still unsure. You grumbled curses underneath your breath. The voice yelled again from down the hall, "And tell the guy to stop cursing me or I'll break his neck." You snapped your head up again. 'He heard me?' you thought. Gryffin grinned at you, as if he had heard your thought process also. "Anyway, you're in central New Jersey. We're camping out in some random forest. Tomorrow, we leave to drop you off at the Schools."
  10. Sighing, you asked your next question. "I'm gonna be the only human there, right? Maybe?" "Guaranteed you'll be the only human. And get in the habit of using mundane instead of using human. They'll think of you as an outcast." "Very encouraging. So then how am I gonna pose as a sorcery student?" "We'll back you up on the registration. Until you've graduated, you're sticking with us. Blame Alystaire." "Whatever. But how about while I'm in school?" Gryffin nodded. "Good question. With that, this comes in handy." out of his pocket, he slipped out a small bracelet. It had quite simple-looking red string and several raw diamonds stuck together in one big lump attached to the string. You wrinkled your nose in disgust. "That is gonna help me?" "Yup." Gryffin tossed the thing onto your lap. "That thing is a charm, actually. It doesn't look like it, but it's storing a lot of magic power. Enough to last you all your time at the Schools, as long as you use it wisely. When they teach you spells and other stuff, just follow what they say and let the charm give you the magic boost. But try not to let anyone else notice it, or they'll realize you're a fraud. Be careful; we only have one of these." You nodded, frowning at the bracelet on your lap, still apprehensive. "When will I be freed from these?" you asked next, motioning at the cuffs. "In a few minutes. But don't try to escape." "I know my limits." "That's nice to know. Now I would like to repeat a question I'd asked a while ago." "....Go ahead."
  11. "What's your name?" A tense silence followed. Then you said softly, "I don't really have one." "Okay then," Gryffin said, not seeming that surprised. "How about 'Midget'?" Your eyes widened. "Hey! I don't-" but Gryffin grinned and totally ignored you. "Hey, Abby!" he yelled to Abaddon in mock affection. "I thought of a cool name for this kid right here." The sounds of gun shots and explosions from Abaddon's video game went on for a bit until he called back, "Which name?" "Midget." "Cool. It suits him. But I have my own name for him- how d'ya like 'Wuss'?" "Awesome!" Gryffin answered. You couldn't help but yell at the voice down the hall yourself, "SHUT UP! I don't like that name!" "You think I care about what you think, Wuss?" You groaned, but for some reason, even without Max beside you giggling and smiling, you felt like you were in a real home for the first time.
  12. I really hope you guys liked this part, sorry for the long paragraphs! And I took a REALLY long time to update, I'll try making it quicker! It's not exactly convenient doing this entire thing on an iPhone. So please comment and rate! Thank you!

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