Pretty Little Liars: The quote quiz

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This quiz is a quote quiz! You will answer questions and try and guess Who said it? The quotes are from seasons 1-3 of Pretty Little Liars. Enjoy, and tell your friends!

Okay so you have watched all the episodes of Pretty little liars but how much do you really know? Were you really paying attention, lets find out. No cheating because A is always watching!

Created by: Lottiexx
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  1. Who said it? "My mom and I try to save our Eat, Pray, Love moments for when we're alone."
  2. Who said it? "I found a way to survive my secrets, but everyone I care about gets hurt."
  3. Who said it? "If A knows I'm thinking B and C and everyone else does too"
  4. Who said it? "Jenna can't hear us she's blind"
  5. Who said it? "Different is good, I like different. This town has too much of the same"
  6. Who said it? "You can go now, this beauty doesn't need a beast"
  7. Who said it? "It's complicated Hanna, really complicated, worse than algebra"
  8. Who said it? "Part of me thinks that's really self-destructive behaviour, most of me just thinks its really hot."
  9. Who said it? "My friends thought you had nice legs"
  10. Who said it? "I'm not eating pasta, I don't want to be depressed AND fat!"
  11. Who said it? "Sorry, but there were not a lot of choices okay? It was either Humpty Dumpty or Jesus is coming, look busy."
  12. Who said it? "If you're gonna cheat, you might as well do it with someone who deep conditions her hair occasionally."
  13. Who said it? "The devil has a name and it's Toby."
  14. Who said it? "I've got friends in all the wrong places, and misery loves company."
  15. Who said it? "It looks like her hair got in a fight with her face and they both lost!"
  16. Who said it? "Not from a person, from a store! God, I have some class!"
  17. Who said it? "Hey, don't look at me, I'm just here to make her look taller."
  18. Who said it? "Well, it can get really abstract"
  19. Who said it? "I find evil so... Inspiring."
  20. Who said it? "Dear Mommy, I went to the woods to trap a killer."
  21. Who said it? "It's easier to forgive an enemy, than it is to forgive a friend."
  22. Who said it? "The bolder the move the less anyone questions it"
  23. Who said it? "Is that what the doctors told your mom and dad at the hospital?"
  24. Who said it? "Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it. And if not, I'll return it."
  25. Who said it? "Knowing the right questions is better than having all the right answers." Trust me; you're always better off with a really good lie.
  26. Who said it? "Trust me; you're always better off with a really good lie."
  27. Who said it? " I can tell when someone's lying. Can you?"
  28. Who said it? "friends share secrets, that's what keeps us close"
  29. Who said it? "What happens if you touch...?"
  30. Who said it? "I'm ready to hang a sign: 'bit-ch can see!'"
  31. Who said it? "I don't feel like I need to be the best and the first anymore. All those things that used to matter just... don't seem that important."

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