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This quiz has to do with mass communication in the United States and how it started and what it has to do with. You should really get to know it. It is important to learn these terms and different historical cases and such.

Do you know that you could be the next Katie Curic? Or Matt Lauer? Or Peter Jennings? Take this test and you can find out! So Time to take this quiz and see what kind of a journalism genius you are. And if you're not, that's ok. Some day you too can be like them.

Created by: barbara
  1. The average U. S adult spends more than ____ of his or her waking life with the mass media.
  2. The largest newspaper chain in American is operated by:
  3. A newspaper publishing company that owns forests, paper mills, printing plants and delivery trucks is said to be:
  4. A conglomerate is:
  5. Of all the media, ____ is/are growing the fastest.
  6. The first information communications revolution began with the invention of:
  7. What words describes the way that different people process messages differently?
  8. Advantages of media concentration include:
  9. Interpersonal communication.
  10. A cell phone is a tool of.
  11. In International Copyright Law of 1891 required.
  12. Paperback books.
  13. Using the contents of a book to create related products is called.
  14. Which type of book makes the most money in the United States?
  15. The biggest selling book published by colonial presses in the 1700s was.
  16. Online booksellers.
  17. Which British action turned most colonial printers into revolutionaries?
  18. What was the US federal governments first attempt to control the press?
  19. Yellow Journalism.
  20. To attract more readers, newspapers:
  21. Most US Citizens have how many daily newspapers?
  22. Which of the following is NOT true about internet newspapers?
  23. The First major mass communication current news competition for newspapers in America came, beginning in 1920, from.
  24. The American law principle of truth as a defense against libel was established by the colonial case of.
  25. The first truly national magazine with a large circulation was.
  26. Magazines widened their audiences in the 1800's by.
  27. What distinguished THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL from many other 19th century publications?
  28. The Postal Act of 1879.
  29. "Muckrakers" were America's first.
  30. The most striking characteristic of magazine development in the second half of the 20th century has been a trend toward.
  31. The average magazine reader today.
  32. The magazine with the most readers in the US is.
  33. Technological developments in magazine publishing can be expected to.
  34. Which of the following is NOT true of trade magazines?
  35. MAXIM magazine is distinguished by which of the following characteristics?
  36. Which of the following is true of magazine economics today?
  37. A digital server is.
  38. Intellectual property rights.
  39. The Internet is.
  40. A browser is

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