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  • I'm a Hufflepuff

    Griffin dor 52%
    Ravenclaw 41%
    Slytherin 31%

    Cnm23 Sep 7 '18, 11:07PM
  • I'm Hufflepuff

    Cnm23 Sep 7 '18, 11:04PM
  • Yes !i'm a slytherin!!!

    SWAEGG Aug 8 '18, 8:18AM

    zssdfzfszfxcfd Aug 6 '18, 1:58PM
  • All the houses are great, and

    Your Result: RAVENCLAW!

    Congratulation s! You have been sorted into Ravenclaw, the house of intelligence, curiosity, individualism, and wit. You are amongst other Ravenclaws, such as: Cho Chang, and Luna Lovegood.




    btheawesome302 Aug 5 '18, 4:35PM
  • HarryPotter4ever how dare you insult Slytherin House! I am a hufflepuff and slytherins are AWESOME. They protect their family and have the best friends! Besides, they never fail to reach for their dreams! I do not wish to offend you in any way but what you posted was an awful thing to say!

    TONKS0010 Jul 29 '18, 3:48PM
  • There's a question missing. The question on which wizard pet you'd like to have. Other than that. Other than that, Pottermore put me into Slytherin...and I don't identify with that at all. There wasn't a single character in the book or movie from Slytherin that I liked or identified with. I like well-lit areas and I don't like snakes. I can't stand bullies so at least this sorted me into Ravenclaw,which I believe I should be in. Ravenclaw 76%; Slytherin 68%; Gryffindor & Hufflepuff 50%.

    AYorkii Jul 20 '18, 1:59AM
  • Slytherin 94%
    Gryffindore 3%
    Ravenclaw 3%
    Hufflepuff 2%

    SLYTHERINRULES Jul 4 '18, 2:27AM
  • Dear HarryPotter4ever,
    W hat do you think is wrong with slytherin? One of my best friends is a slytherin and she is awesome I can’t believe that you are shallow enough to believe that. You know some poor 9 year old slytherin might see that permanent comment and get really discouraged. You have no authority to judge people by their Hogwarts houses 🦁🐼🐦🐍

    Pooper1234 Jun 29 '18, 7:44AM
  • Why doesn't Hermione get her last name on it?

    EvaPotter Jun 20 '18, 8:51AM
  • I thought I would be entirely ravenclaw

    werwer Jun 16 '18, 1:52PM
  • I was 74% gryffindor, 74% ravenclaw, 56% slytherin, 40% hufflepuff. I don't understand how I was in gryffindor

    werwer Jun 16 '18, 1:52PM
  • If i was in Slytherin i would kill myself

    HarryPotter4ever Jun 16 '18, 8:47AM
  • I got Ravenclaw! 66% Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, and 25% Slytherin.

    HarryPotter4ever Jun 16 '18, 8:46AM
  • I thought I was half Ravenclaw and half Hufflepuff lol

    Your Result: RAVENCLAW





    haibara Jun 15 '18, 3:06AM
  • Your Result: GRYFFINDOR! 72%




    Gryffindorfan Jun 9 '18, 7:54AM
  • Like I told you from the beginning, I am always Gryffindor, if it's hybrid then I'll be Slytherdor, but still, Gryffindor is dominant
    89% Gryffindor
    52% Slytherin

    Nobuyuki Gryffin Jun 8 '18, 1:44AM




    Mifti May 24 '18, 4:36PM
  • Your Result: Hufflepuff 88% match

    33% Gryffindor

    45% Slytherin

    43% Ravenclaw

    Harry Potter125 May 20 '18, 10:55AM
  • All my scores were really close. 70% gryffindor, 60% hufflepuff, 56% slytherin and 52% ravenclaw. Hm

    tallestred May 20 '18, 8:41AM
  • I’m equal Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but my results are for Gryffindor. Witch house am I, or am I both?

    GhostlyGirl86 May 16 '18, 9:18AM
  • Your Result: SLYTHERIN!

    Congratulation s! You have been sorted into Slytherin, the house of ambition, determination, and cunning. You are amongst other Slytherins such as: Snape, Draco, and MERLIN.




    Eax h time

    KittyKatrinaKat May 9 '18, 6:22AM

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