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  • Great quiz! I've taken literally (maybe not literally, but it sure feels like it) hundreds of sorting hat quizzes. This one was probably one of, if not the most, complex and detailed one I have taken. It was similar, yet different to the ones on Pottermore. I have taken the ones on Pottermore multiple times (there's a bit of a story to that), and each time, because the questions change, I have been sorted into each house. I got Ravenclaw on this quiz, followed closely by Gryffindor. I normally get Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but have gotten the other two(Gryffindor and Slytherin) quite a bit as well, so it's difficult to tell where I really should be placed. If only Hogwarts was real so the sorting hat could place me. Haha.

  • Your Result: Hufflepuff 79%

    The Sorting Hat pauses for a moment before shouting, "HUFFLEPUFF!" Now before you run away, let it be known that Hufflepuff is not where you go if you're not brave enough for Gryffindor, not ambitious enough for Slytherin, or not intelligent enough for Ravenclaw. Just look at Tonks (yes, the Nyphadora Tonks was Sorted into Hufflepuff) and Cedric Diggory. Both were Hufflepuffs, and you can't say that they weren't intelligent, ambitious, or brave. What makes a Hufflepuff a Hufflepuff? It's how we value loyalty, hard work, fair play, and acceptance greater than the other Houses. Here at Hufflepuff we don't brag about our achievements, and that's why all the other Houses have "bigger" names. But here at Hufflepuff we're the most welcoming and the most home-like House you could possibly be Sorted into. Here you'll find friends that will become family, friends that will stick to you through the thin and thick of it. Not to mention we're right near the kitchens.

    I understand this. All the other quizzes I have done have given me hufflepuff so guess I'm a hufflepuff.

    Seraphina Okami
  • @moonshoespotter - My quiz isn't 100% perfect. :) I have to come up with a better one. The results won't be the same as Pottermore's. Here in my quiz I try and focus on value. Pottermore's quiz does as well, but it also has more abstract questions, like: which goblet do you drink from? I cannot see exactly what Rowling was trying to get at there, so I did not include any like that.

    The Pottermore sorting quiz isn't going to be 100% accurate. It is only seven questions. And do remember, THIS quiz isn't going to be 100% accurate. I just hope it's more accurate than most.

  • Llirra -- Like I said, not a perfect quiz. If you value intelligence as the number one most important thing (against loyalty, courage, and ambition), then you are a Ravenclaw, not a Slytherin. If you wish to have intelligence simply to possess it (not necessarily to use it), you are a Ravenclaw.

    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. That is what a Ravenclaw firmly believes. Not loyalty above measure or courage above measure or ambition (or cunning) above measure, but wit.

    The real Sorting Hat does take your choice into account, though -- do remember that. :)

  • The Sorting Hat pauses a moment before shouting, RAVENCLAW! Hello there. Congratulations on being Sorted into Ravenclaw. Here we value intelligence as the number one thing to strive for. Although to the other Houses might find this strange, we at Ravenclaw strive for intelligence simply to possess it. We constantly raise questions, so dont feel the need to hold your tongue if you stumble across a good one. Watch out, though. You may find that we get a tad bit competitive come exams.

    Yep. Definitely me.

  • Nice quiz. Still disappointed with my house. This is very like the Pottermore sorting quiz. I got the exact same house. Slytherin, with a very high secondary score for Ravenclaw. I'm a huge bookworm and value intelligence too much for my own good, so I'm always shocked and a little disappointed when I don't get Ravenclaw. Those blue birds on Pottermore...I can't join them. =(

  • Pottermore-Based Sorting Quiz
    Your Result: Slytherin 83%

    The Sorting Hat pauses for a moment before shouting out, "SLYTHERIN!" First of all, don't run away. We aren't all evil here. Once you're Sorted into Slytherin, you are considered a person who will one day become somebody. Somebody great. We may have a bit of a dark past, but we've put all that behind us. If you don't like being called "ambitious", just think of it as always following your dreams. Here at Slytherin, we are like bright stars, shining amongst others, constantly striving for some great purpose, and like our mascots, we are often misunderstood. Welcome.

    46% - Gryffindor
    29% - Ravenclaw
    0% - Hufflepuff

  • So I'm a big potterhead and I thought I would make a pottermore account and I know and believe with all my heart I'm a Hufflepuff but EVERY FREAKING TIME (which would be 7 times now) I get sorted into Griffindor. I've used so many cheats to get sorted into Hufflepuff. Once I was asked if I wanted to be sorted into Griffindor or Slytherin.

  • Im a Slytherin! I have a Pottermore account, and I get sorted into Gryffindor there every time, but I definitely am not a Gryffindor - Im scared of about a zillion things. Also, I know I am a Slytherin. It seems like Pottermore just sorts you into Gryffindor so you dont feel bad.

  • Ravenclaw :) for far the best house followed by slytherin I didnt have much Gryffindor percentage but i dont care because Im in my favorite house. The sure thing is that Im not even close of being a Hufflepuff. I also love that house but I know I dont belong there. My results were: 80% Ravenclaw 75% Slytherin43% Gryffindor and 0% Hufflepuff

    Very good quiz btw

  • It sounds very much like the Pottermore quiz, I've taken it, and I got the same as here, Gryffindor. Everywhere else though I get Ravenclaw... Really good quiz :]

    Loony Luna
  • 78% Slytherin!

    I'm surprised that I got such a high score for Gryffindor, I've never been sorted into that house before, but awesome quiz tho :)

  • @Calypso WE MEET AGAIN! I took this quiz before I got on Pottermore(I got Ravenclaw), then took the one on Pottermore, in which I got Slytherin... then I took this one again to make sure and I got Ravenclaw AGAIN! I'm so confused...

  • I always get Ravenclaw but this time, I got 50 percent Gryffindor and 50 percent Slytherin. And 22 percent Ravenclaw?

  • I don't understand. I got ravenclaw o pottermore while here i took the quiz thrice and i always got gryffindor, ravenclaw second. Either way i am happy with the result. :)

  • Gryffindor nice.
    I gonna meet friends we can improve together

    Hermione Sirius
  • This was a really good quiz. I got Ravenclaw, and usually I get Slytherin.

  • Gryffindor is my least favorite house though...

  • I'm a hufflepuff. Usually I get gryffndor,which was really close. 0% slitherin or ravenclaw. This is just like everyone says. My favorite is ravenclaw though.

  • Slytherin every time. Always and forever.

  • Great quiz - I got Slytherin, same as what I'm in on PM XD Dead accurate.

  • Thanks you guys who posted! ^^ I think I'm going to have to come up with a new one that's even better soon. Haha. XD

  • This is a great quiz! I got Gryffindor

  • I got:
    88% Slytherin

    86% Gryffindor (WTF??? I usually get 0% Gryffindor)

    22% Hufflepuff
    2% Ravenclaw
    Haha I’m not smart

  • Wow soooo correct!!!!!!


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