Post-Apocalyptic Survival quiz.

Strong win over the weak. It is true. Now, it's time to find out how YOU would survive on a Post-Apocalyptic Earth. Will you become the new "Warrior of the Wastes", or will you become an utter loser? Find out!

Do you believe you will survive after apocalypse? YOU might, but now it's time to uncover the truth behind that matter. Find out if you qualify to be a "Warrior of the Wastes"!

Created by: Michael
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  1. Do you own a gun that uses traditional ammunition? (.308, 9mm, 5.58mm, 7.62mm, etc,.)
  2. You are capable of killing a living thing without any weapons.
  3. ZOMBIE INVASION: What do you prefer. A Bike, or a good old fashion Car?
  4. You are capable to hunt an animal, and make food out of it.
  5. Get out of the car, get onto the bike.
  6. I need the help of technology to survive.
  7. As you are doing your business throughout the wastes, you come in contact with a town, completely void of humans, and is currently being controlled by flesh eating zombies. The towns gates suddenly slam close. The flesh eating beasts all look your way, and start to shamble towards you. What do you do?
  8. Do you have adequate supplies in your current residence to support you and your family for at least 2 months?
  9. Do you own a pair of worn in snow or rain boots that fit you?
  10. Are you ready to kill another human being without the blink of an eye?
  11. Do you know how to operate in a group? (Use hand motions, respect others, etc,.)
  12. Is the military your friend?
  13. Do you own or know of a Fallout Shelter nearby?
  14. Are you intelligent? (In your own terms, not as in "A+ in school" smart.)
  15. Do you know how to use tactics? (Flanking the enemy, using stealth to your advantage, performing espionage, etc,.)

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