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Hello, GoToQuiz! Its me, Porg Lover. This is my first random quiz on the website, so its totally random, and the percentage that porgs like you is just by luck

So, take this quiz! And, see how lucky you are. And, if porgs like you. And, the percentage that porgs like you. Also, please take my friends quizzes. They are Vampirina, Bubbleisha, and Shimmer_.

Created by: Porg Lover

  1. Hi!
  2. Have you seen Star Wars, The Last Jedi?
  3. Do you like porgs?
  4. Have you taken any of my friend, Vampirinas quizzes?
  5. Have you taken Bubbleishas quizzes?
  6. Have you taken Shimmer_s quizzes?
  7. Do you like to swim?
  8. Porgs RULE
  9. Do you like football?
  10. Bye

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