Politics is something that many of us hate... But hate it no more. No longer dread voting in the elections because now you can determine your political ideology and views with the click of a button!

Take this quiz to find out what party you side with most! Who will it be? The republicans? The democrats? The libertarians? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: JD Calderone
  1. What is your view on abortion?
  2. Should states be allowed to display the Confederate flag?
  3. Should the US decriminalize weed?
  4. Should the US have invaded Iraq in 2003?
  5. Should the government stop bailouts?
  6. Should the government further regulate the market to protect against global warming?
  7. Do you advocate a free market.
  8. Do you believe in limited taxation?
  9. Should the Federal Reserve be audited?
  10. Out of these three politicians, who do you like best?

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