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  • Your quiz results
    Political Left or Right Quiz
    Your Result: Fascist 90%

    There is one supreme leader who runs the state religion. You believe in one superior race and the other races must be enslaved and destroyed. The government controls the economy and how much you are paid. Your large military never ends its wish to conquer the world!

    57% Communist (Post-Marx)
    53% Imperialist
    50% Feudalist
    0% Socialist
    0% Anarch-Communist
    0% Capitalist
    0% Anarchist

    I guess there are a few inaccuracies but its helpful in getting the basic idea I guess :).

  • I'm a communist- the quiz has many misconceptions about communism. No one is paid equally, for one there is no money and secondly distribution is based on need- some need more than others. Once everyone's needs are fulfilled, then wants can be addressed.

    There is also no state in the final stage of communism, as for how to get there, there are several theories- they can't be summed up with anarchist and Stalinist.

  • Fun quiz!

    Your highness

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