Pokmon gotta catch her heart

Ok I know cheesy title but any way I’m doing a Pokémon quiz. I’ll tell my inspiration. LITTLE SISTER WONT STOP BUGGING ME TO DO THIS QUIZ. But anyway it sounds like fun.


Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You opened your eyes up slowly it took you a while to remember what day it was. “No no no no! All the good ones will be gone by now!” You jumped out of bed and plated your white hair. You put on a white crop top red overalls and a short black skirt. You ran down stairs. Your dad turned around. “One two three!” He chucked pieces of toast at you. You caught them then ran to grab your bag. “Open the package it’s something that’ll help you get to places quicker” You opened the green package “no way!@
  2. It was white roller skates with purple laces. “Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!” You said skating out the door. You were a few skates away from the centre. BAM! You were on the floor. “I’m so sorry!” You looked up. It was a boy with blue hair, brown eyes, a red and white cap with a blue and white vest. “It’s ok” you got up. And skates inside.
  3. You skates to the reception desk. “Where’s the Pokémon choosing room?” She pointed to the room to the left. You skates to the room. The boy right behind you you pushed open the door. “Ahh ____! Which one?” There was a little Litten and a pikachu. “Sorry Professor!” “Ash let this young lady choose Ash!” “I’ll take the litten” “meow”You picked it up. “Ash you get the pikachu.” “Aww come on isn’t there any others?” The pikachu looked mad. You ran out the door. “Pikachuuuuu!!!!” You heard screaming and electricity. They both came out the pikachu looked restless. “Thank god I have you Litten!” It states away from you. “How odd.”
  4. You went to the desk and got more poke balls, a Pokédex and other necessities for Litten and more Pokémon to come. “Hey!” you turned around. It was the boy that te professor called Ash. “Hi....I’m ____.” “Ash.” He held out a hand and you shook it. “Well I’ll see ya around Ash” you said. You put Litten in a ball and started your journey.
  5. 3hrs later: you sat down by a tree resting your legs when someone shouted, “Pikachu!” You turned your head. You got up grabbed your bag and skates. It was Ash. His pikachu was injured. You looked up he was surrounded by Pidgeto. Ash was soon on the ground.
  6. You gasped. “Litten I choose you!” You through the ball and Litten came out. “Let’s see what you got. Litten use Fire Fang!” A wave of fire instantly came out and hit the birds. But they didn’t go down without a fight. The fight went on and Litten was about to go out. “PIKACHU!” Electricity hit the air. The birds instantly went down. “Litten return! That’s some Pikachu Ash.” You said holding your hand out to help hi out. “Mind if I join your club?” You asked he laughed and nodded.
  7. Ash explained that he was first going to the rock Pokémon centre. “Wait!” You said and turned around. You threw a poke ball and caught the last pidgeto. “The more the better if you ask me.” You said putting the bird in you belt.
  8. You stopped to sleep. Ash was trying to light a fire. “Need help?” “No” another 5 minutes went the fire was still not lit. “Litte. I choose you.” Litte. Came out and lit the fire. You gave her some of the food.
  9. Instead of going to hang out with Pikachu Litten stayed by herself. “How odd” you said. You soon drifted off to sleep
  10. Tada

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