Plain Cool! - Quiz 1

Setelah penat aku mengajar (penat ke?) korang dalam tutorial, ni lah masanya untuk menentukan tahap pencapaian korang.. Setakat ni aku buat 10 soalan dulu je k..

Kalau korang dapat score markah tinggi, kira ok la kan.. Tapi kalau tak dapat markah tinggi pun takpe.. Boleh cuba dan terus cuba lagi sampai dapat ok..

Created by: Yazid of this site
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  1. Aishah is a Malay girl. ______ is walking with her friend, Xiang Fei.
  2. Ady has 3 kittens. ______ loves to play with the kittens.
  3. The bike over there is ______ .
  4. Can I borrow ______ laptop, Eddy?
  5. Khairi looks so young. How old is ______ ?
  6. Can you turn on the switch, please? ______ is over there.
  7. Aiman asked me if he could borrow ______ Playstation 3. I said "No".
  8. Please clean the room, Azri! It cannot be cleaned all by ______ !
  9. Sheila has one piece of cake. ______ is a Velvet Rose.
  10. You left ______ book in my room, Jimmy. It is yours, isn't it?

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