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  • It's called a pitch pipe, not a ceremonial harmonica. Beca works at a radio station and her boss is Luke. The "black girl" is Cynthia Rose, and "the Asian girl" is Lily. "The main girl" is named Aubrey Posen and she's not the main girl. Beca is. Aubrey wasn't even the Barden Bella's leader at the time, she was just doing a solo.

    Yeah. I got a hundred percent.

  • "Black girl" is Cynthia Rose. "Asian Girl" is Lilly. "Main girl" is Aubrey Posen. Change the answers to make them correct because some may be offensive to other people. But yeah I got 100% :3

  • Its a pitch pipe not a harmonica. Becca doesnt work in a record shop she works at tbe music station. The "black chick" is Cynthia Rose. While her roomate is asian, she is korean.

  • I got 100% but I agree with the other person you need to put in the correct names you don't want it to start getting offensive

  • I love this movie but, I got a 90%

    Miss carrot
  • I got a 100%. Good--I've seen that movie like 5 times!

  • most arent accurate because of the terms you used as said by sksksk but i think it's ok. well then... 10 STARS! AND I DIDNT EVEN RATE!!!! :DDD

    i watched the movie only once and with no hearable volume and i got 90%???? you sure?


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