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Hello, and welcome to the Ultimate Piggy Quiz! This quiz will be testing your knowledge on everything you need to know about Piggy. So do some last minute studying, and try to see what you know!

Everything in this quiz is as of Book 2 Chapter 8, so some of the answers may change if you are reading this in the future. Keep in mind that you can NOT look up any of the answers. If you don't know an answer, just make an educated guess.

Created by: Moon
  1. True or False: Minitoon did not create the Mr. P skin.
  2. Which of the following Piggy keys does NOT exist?
  3. Which of the following characters have talked about the Insolence? (Or some mention of it). This is excluding notes, and is only talking about dialogue.
  4. How long ago were Willow's parents taken away?
  5. Who was at the Refinery that scratched Zizzy? (Thus making her infected).
  6. Which member of Budgey's crew was the last to be infected?
  7. In which map does Ms. P make her first ever visible appearance?
  8. Why did Daisy Donkey leave Willow and William?
  9. Who was in Mr. P's initial research group?
  10. What was the one thing William left behind when he left to go find Daisy?
  11. For which event was Poley introduced?
  12. In which map was the first ever note in?
  13. Who was Doggy seen standing next to in one of the photographs shown in the Piggy Book 1 credits?
  14. In the original design for the House map, there were some missing posters for George. What color did they describe his eyes? (Side note: It is unknown if Minitoon removed this part of the note since it wouldn't match up with the storyline or not, since he could have just removed the copyrighted picture and kept the text.)
  15. How many ending cutscenes are there in the Book 2 Chapter 6 map?
  16. True or False: The "secret" ending to Book 2 Chapter 6 is a myth.
  17. Why was Pony kicked out of TSP? (From what we know so far).
  18. What is the name that the military gave the infection?
  19. How many potions did Mr. P originally create?
  20. Why did Bunny and Mr. P claim to visit the School?
  21. Which special Piggy item (used to unlock a door) does NOT exist?
  22. True or False: There are no aquatic skins in Piggy.
  23. What is the name of the police department that the Player works for? (As well as Doggy and presumably Poley.)
  24. In which map could you obtain the Owell skin during the Halloween / Spooky Hunt event?
  25. True of False: The only Piggy skins seen with the eye of Insolence on them (as of Book 2 chapter 8) are: Kolie, Mr. Stitchy, and Mary.
  26. What is Archie's weapon?
  27. How many Piggy skins have just a plain white eye as one of their eyes? (Not glowing, just plain white.)
  28. True or False: We don't have an infected Mr. P skin yet.
  29. When does Piggy: Intercity take place? (In the timeline)
  30. What color potions are shown in Piggy Book 1 Chapter 12 (The Plant)?
  31. What animal is Clowny? (From Book 1 Chapter 8)
  32. What was Foxy's original shirt color before he was redesigned?
  33. Which key did Tigry take from Willow's office?
  34. Which Piggy map has the most NPCs?
  35. In which two maps do photographs of Ms. P appear in? (Game modes do not have any effect on this, meaning it could be in any game mode.)
  36. Why did the Mr. P skin design change?
  37. Who did the Player hallucinate in the School map's ending cutscene?
  38. True or False: Gurty made an appearance in Piggy before April 1st, 2021
  39. Which Piggy trap is the most expensive?
  40. What color are the eyes of the mouse on the mouse trap?
  41. True or False: Every Piggy game mode has an infected character in the game mode thumbnail.
  42. Who's design from the Piggy Book 2 trailer was changed drastically by the time Book 2 actually came out?
  43. Who goes with you to the Mall in Book 1 Chapter 10?
  44. How does Willow attack the infected crew members in Book 2 Chapter 8?
  45. How many NPCs in Piggy get activated with carrots?
  46. Which Piggy map has taken the least amount of time to complete while speedrunning? (Speedrunning records question teehee) *ON SOLO*
  47. What happened to Rash after Book 2 Chapter 1?
  48. Where did the TSP members tell the Safe Place members to meet them?
  49. Who creates and composes the music for Piggy Book 2?
  50. True or False: The Alleys map is the first flashback / memory type map.
  51. Which of the following is NOT a way that friendly NPSs have been able to stun the Piggy?

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