Who will you be in Lord of the Flies?

Hi, this quiz will show you who you'll likely to be in Lord of the Flies. I have 5 results here, Rauloh, Piggy, Simen, Jack and Roger. I did not put every on in here, like the twins. Anyway, I think 5 results is enough.

So, uh, in this test, a question has no effect, so I wrote "no effect" behind it, and every other question will have effect on your final result. So...Find out who you'll likely to be. Because this is one of my first few quizes so you may not get who you want. But anyway, enjoy.

Created by: StarCapturer
  1. First of all, do you think keeping a signal fire is necessary if you were trapped on an island?
  2. Second of all, would you obey the call of the conch?
  3. Suppose there is a bully in your school, and you hate each other very much. One day he bullied you, you____
  4. Who will you be in the "Hit the Pig" game?
  5. Who's side will you be on? Raulph's or Jack's?
  6. Suppose your classmate is eating some snack that you really want to eat. What will you do?
  7. Light or Shadow?
  8. Hmmm, I'm running out of questions. Who are you in a group work?
  9. Have you read Warriors before? Which clan are you in?(If you didn't read that before, click "I don't know")
  10. Have a nice day. : )
  11. Bye bye~ (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Who will I be in Lord of the Flies?