Which piggy Main characters are you?

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Hi It's me (Ariendle) again! My first topic is THIS! Thank you guys! Please Comment down below, Like and some subscribe for my channel Lni Loon. Please tumbs up and like!

NEWW!! added Book 2 Characters with different kind of fanart! Also Added the Possible Results Player! For more like this piggy quiz please comment what you get!

Created by: Ariendle
  1. Do you like to make a crime of solve a crime?
  2. Do you protect the person you love?
  3. Do you have any sibling?
  4. Pick a weapon!
  5. Do you have a community?
  6. Do you like to fight?
  7. Which do you like best Book 1 or 2?
  8. Are you rude or soft?
  9. Ok almost to the end!? Who do you think you would be?
  10. Do you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which piggy Main characters am I?