The Piggy Quiz.

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Hi there! Ready to take the piggy quiz? Try to answer most of the questions as possible if you dare to.. or if your bored take the quiz anyway because there nothing else to do so what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now!

I don't know much about piggy so some answers may be incorrect and if you chose the wrong answer even though its supposed to be right sorry. I didn't know that was the correct answer

Created by: Giovanny Rocha
  1. 1. Did piggy had copyrighted peppa pig pictures in the house?
  2. Dose piggy have a sequel?
  3. Which skin is NOT canon to the piggy storyline
  4. Which skin is Canon to the storyline?
  5. When did piggy become popular?
  6. Was piggy built in as meme?
  7. What chapter is the safe place?
  8. Which skin costs 415 piggy tokens?
  9. Which skin wears a yellow shirt and orange pants?
  10. Which skins are NOT infected?

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