Pick Your Path story quiz

hello, i am Me your helper for the mission. we are going to spy on Natalie to find ways for one of the People to date her. if you succeed you will level up but if you fail she will find us out

this is for ImagiNation. and you can get rare airplanes, starships, jets, bats, and even books! so please help us succeed and you will be rewarded. go get them!

Created by: SmartB
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. read the paragraphs above to see the start of the story and what everything is about and how to answer
  2. you are picking a place to spy
  3. you are on the slides
  4. poles
  5. tether ball area
  6. you play on poles
  7. you play on slides
  8. you are at a new location what is it
  9. tether ball poles stare
  10. will you rate and comment (no effect)

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