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This test is for my personal students, it is a multiple choice question, time limit is 1 hour, parents guidance is advised to make sure that student doesn't exceed time limit.

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  1. In hydrogen Spectrum, Layman's series is produced when an electron moves down from an outer level to level
  2. x-rays are use to study the crystalline structure of materials because:
  3. x-rays are used in imaging bones because:
  4. Fraunhaufer lines in the solar spectrum are:
  5. The wave length of the characteristic x-rays which are emitted from coolidge tube depend on:
  6. Which of the following electromagnetic waves have the shortest wave length:
  7. In the photoelectric effect, the relation between the work function Ew and critical frequency Vc is :
  8. A moving particle has a linear momentum PL, its wave length is given by:
  9. The maximum kinetic energy of emitted photoelectrons depends upon:
  10. In compton effect, the velocity of photon after collision is......the velocity of photon before collision

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