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Now please ask you self these questions. Did I pay attention to the power point? Did I understand what Dan and Zach were saying. Did I learn anything new from Zach and Dan?

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  1. Which device enables computers to be attached to a network without segmenting the network?
  2. Which cable type is a common choice for use on Ethernet networks.
  3. Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling?
  4. Which topology has all its nodes connected directly to one center point and has no other connections between nodes?
  5. LAN's are designed to do which of the following?
  6. What is the movement of data through layers?
  7. Which layer of the OSI model handles physical addressing, network topology, network access, and flow control?
  8. Bits are packaged into frames at which layer of the OSI model?
  9. Flow Control happens at which layer?
  10. True or False: The network layer uses physical addresses to route data to destination hosts?

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