physical geography

Earth on which we are living it is just related to it. It belongs to physical geography.It include only ten questions.So play this and test yourself.Good Luck.

If you are curious in nature you must know about the fact of our earth.The physical geography is the study of our earth.You have to play and know the truth.

Created by: shilpi mishra

  1. Sea floor spreading theory was propounded by
  2. The statement-"The present is the key to past" was given by
  3. The correct sequence of landforms evolved during the cycle of fiuvial erosion is
  4. In which year Pluto termed or recognized as "dwarf planet"
  5. Obsequent streams generally flow
  6. The slope replacement model was first proposed by
  7. Which one of the following earthquake waves is more destructive
  8. Which one of the following material is affected by hydration process
  9. Oxygen gas is negligible quantity at the height...... of atmosphere
  10. When does the earth is nearest to the sun.

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