I Love Geography

I love geography and fun and that's why I mad this fun quiz with funny geography questions with the help of my younger brother, Arsal. The reason why I made this quiz was to check if people know about geography.

Do you like geography? Well, I hope you do 'cause you better like it! Haha I'm just kiddin' around! I hope you like my quiz 'cause I would really appreciate that!

Created by: Directioner#1
  1. __________ is the process of the increase in connection between different parts of the world.
  2. Which one of the following is one of the most developed countries in the world?
  3. What's global warming?
  4. Why has the Aral Sea shrunken?
  5. What do the signs N E S W stand for in a development compass?
  6. Where is the Kalabagh dam?
  7. What are mangroves?
  8. Which one of these is not a real sea?
  9. Which of these is not a real place?
  10. Did the Aswan Dam on the Nasser Lake in Egypt benefit the country or not?

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