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Assalamualaikum and very good morning everyone. We are from group 3. We hope you guys have watched our video. Because in order to proceed with this task your need to understand the video.

There are several question we prepared. You guys need to answer all of the question. All the question is based on the video. Please give your full cooperation.

Created by: Nur
  1. The term photovoltaic come from __________
  2. What is the function of the membrane in the photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell?
  3. The number of photoelectrons increases the photoelectric current.
  4. How does the intensity effect the photoelectric current
  5. In order to minimize the loss of photon due to surface reflection, __________ is used on the surface of photovoltaic cell
  6. In the three-electrode configuration system, the prepared sample is the__________.
  7. What problem will occur when the counter electrode and the working electrode are too close to each other?
  8. Kinetic energy of photoelectrons increases when energy of light decrease.
  9. What atom is substituted in the p-type silicon layer?
  10. Aqueous electrolyte does not involve in the PEC set up.
  11. When kinetic energy of photoelectrons is ______ threshold energy then photoelectric current is produced.
  12. What happened when a beam of light with frequency equal to the threshold frequency strikes the surface of matter
  13. Negative carrier dopant act as a ______
  14. How does the potential barrier formed?

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