What Video Game Are You Based A Milkshake Apocalypse?

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Yo. This quiz will tell you what video game you are based on your reactions to random scenarios I made for you guys. There are many results you can get and I hope with whichever one you get, you’ll like it!

So sit tight and buckle up for some crazy scenarios that will determine the video game you are most like! (No art is mine!) And without a further ado, enjoy!!

Created by: Gigi da gurl

  1. Scenario: You are at a birthday party and it is time for cake. Just as you are about to take a slice, someone takes the cakes and yeet it out the window! What do you do?
  2. The cake is gone, so you ditch the party and go to McDonalds instead.You want a milkshake. What flavor/flavour do you get?
  3. “I’m sorry,” Says the McDonalds manager, “but we are all out of milkshakes.” He shakes his head in pure sorrow. You are...
  4. So instead you decide to go to...
  5. So you go to wherever you picked and the worker says “Sorry, but we are all out of Milkshakes.” You ask curiously, “But where are all of the milkshakes?” “I don’t know.” The worker anxiously replies. Suddenly, there is a loud pounding on the windows. It is...MILKSHAKES! With tiny arms and legs on them! “Ah!” You shriek.“What do we do?” The worker asks in shock.“Let’s form an alliance with each other and stop the milkshakes from destroying the universe!” You say.“Ok,” The worker says, “I’m Yeet.” She holds out her hand.“I’m Y/N.” You say. You shake her hand.“Now what?” Yeet asks.“We...” You say.
  6. You are sweating. You hug your stuffy. It was just a dream. Phew. You are...
  7. Suddenly there is a knock on your door. You answer. The girl at the door reminds you of Yeet. You shiver at the thought. You say..
  8. Finally randomly pick a date. (No effect!)
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: What Video Game am I Based A Milkshake Apocalypse?