Percy Jackson Love Story pt 4

Okay, well this morning you wake up to a big..and slightly permanent suprise...I wish you luck in this fourth installment of Percy Jackson Love Story!

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you two remain just friends? Well, take a Percy Jackson Love Story pt 4 and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. You stared into his sea green eyes. Captivating. At first you didn't hear what exactly he was saying. But he was saying your name repeatedly, and you snapped back to reality. At first, you thought it was Percy. But then the eyes got darker, and the boy turned into Dominic. Then the eyes turned blue; it was Luke. Wait, now the were brown, Grover. Now the eyes turned black. It was now Devin..he reached out to you....he was smiling at you reached out to him....but suddenly.....
  2. You you woke up suddenly, the next morning, you had completely forgotten what had happened. So when you woke up in a strange cabin with no memory of the night before, you were kinda freaked out. But then you caught a glance of Agápe on the nightstand next to your bed, and remembered everything- the Troll attack, Percy, Devin, Luke, and Grover, being claimed by Aphrodite- and instantly calmed yourself down. You figured you should take a shower, since you probably looked a mess- what with fighting a Troll and rolling around in your bed- and your hair probably looked like a rat climbed up into your hair, made a nest, then died. But then you caught a glance of yourself as you walked passed a large mirror on the wall on your way to the shower.
  3. And you saw this was not the case whatsoever.
  4. You screamed so loud even the monsters on the other side of the country could hear you. You ran to the mirror and blinked, as if this was purely a figment of your imagination. You rubbed your eyes, pinched yourself, but nothing would wake you up. Why weren't you waking up? Because part of you, deep down inside knew: you weren't imagining. This was real. A bunch of your 'siblings' woke up with a start. When they saw you gaping in the mirror at yourself, and noticed what was going on, they all laughed. 
  5. "Ah, I see mom sent her blessing to you last night, hmm?" said Rose, as she sleepily got up and walked to your side, resting a hand on your shoulder. You couldn't believe it. Your hair which should've been tangled or matted and messy, was instead sleek and silky and curly. Your clothes, which had been your sweaty and ripped jeans and a tee shirt, were gone. Now, you were wearing a black skirt about knee length and a sky-blue top. On your feet, you wore a pair of silky, black flats. Your face was covered in makeup-everything from foundation to lipstick to eye shadow. You were horrified.
  6. "What happened to me?!?!?!" you exclaimed to Rose as you desperately tried to scrape off the makeup that was like cement- suffocating and refusing to budge. "It's no use, Vi," she said, "that makeup is staying in your face for about two days. But this is moms blessing. Now that you're her daughter, she can't have you looking a mess," said Rose tiredly, as if she had told this to a million people. "She really calls this a blessing?! This is a curse!!" you muttered. "I wouldn't say that if I were you. Bad things will happen if you get on the Gods bad side," Rose said, now fully awake. You stored that fact away in your memory. "Ugh! I give up! Am I at least allowed to change clothes?!?" you asked. Rose nodded. "As long as they're in fair condition and not dirty." You breathed a sigh of relief.  You wouldn't have been able to live with the taunts you would get from the Ares boys if you had shown up to the amphitheater in a skirt......
  7. So far, being a daughter of Aphrodite sucked royal Troll. So far, you had been taunted for having a goddess known for beauty and love, and been cursed with cement-like makeup. It wasn't your favorite thing ever. But you could live....for now... Once you had changed out of the skirt and into a pair of clean jeans (you kept the shirt), you grabbed a hairbrush before remembering what you had just gone through 'Aphrodite's  blessing....some blessing....' you thought venomously as you left the cabin with Rose. Just as you opened the door, you nearly collided head on with Percy, who had just been about to knock on the door. Behind him a few steps, was Devin, who, when he saw you smiled broadly. 
  8. "Woah!" Percy exclaimed as his hands shot out to grab your arms as you almost fell down the steps. "Klutz much?" "I know, I know. You don't have to rub it in," you said with a sly smile. Once you stood back up, you turned to Devin and nodded. "Sup, Devin?" "Nothing much," he said, with his hands in his pockets, "but I see you've just been blessed with Aphrodite's Little Gift...." he said tauntingly, and you gave him a 'shut up or I'll flatten you' look. "We just cam to see if you wanted to go down to breakfast with us," Percy said, "but I see you've already got and escort," he said, almost disappointedly, nodding at Rose. Rose held up her hands in surrender. She nudged you and said, "I'll just meet you there, kay?" You nodded. You smiled at the boys. "Miss me?" you teased, doing a funky thing with your eyebrows. Devin laughed and you could have swore you heard him mutter "More then you think I did....." "Huh? Sorry, I didn't catch that," you said. He shook his head "I didn't say anything!" You nodded and turned your head so he couldn't see you smiling to yourself.
  9. This time, when you reached the Pavilion, you had to say goodbye to Devin and Percy at the entrance. You waved and promised to practice sword fighting in the arena with them after. This time, you went over and sat down with Rose and Selena. You're new friends. You wondered what happened to Cassidy. You were have a great time sitting with your friends from Aphrodite cabin, you were joking around, laughing. Talking, get to know one another better. Then, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You look up and immediately saw the jade green eyes and dirty blonde hair of Dominic. You smiled up at him. "Hi, long time no see, Violet," he said with a small grin. "I know. Thanks again, for um...comforting me last night." "Oh, no problem. I just hate it when my stupid brothers pick on everyone else. They hate not being the center of attention," he said nonchalantly, and your heart stopped. " mean...those guys that were picking on me are your brothers?" He nodded grimly. "But you nothing like them!" "Yeah, and my father, Ares, is dead mad about it too!" 
  10. You didn't know how to feel. This was new information...but you remembered you can't choose your family. You weren't going to hold this against him anyway, after all, he did comfort you....."Why? Ares should be proud to have a son like you," you said with a sweet smile. He smiled and gave a small laugh. "Nah, the God of War would rather have a tough-as-nails son then me....well, he's got plenty of those...." You slowly nodded, then gave him another smile. "Well, I should go sit down before they get a different reason to tease the both of us," he said and walked off to his table. You turned back towards your friends, smiling warmly. They stared at you. "Are you on Cloud 9?" Rose asked skeptically. You gaped at her and hit her on the arm, which she grabbed, and laughed. "No, its just I was thinking about......."
  11. "Oh. That's nice. But whatever you do, DO NOT get a crush on Charlie Beckendorf. That boy is MINE!" Selena said with a devilish look in her eyes, gesturing towards what looked to be a table of extremely buff boys and girls. "No, they all look to scary for my taste....." "Not for mine! I love those Hephaestus guys! And we both KNOW Selena does too!" Rose teased. Selena giggled. "Hey! Violet!" A voice came from behind you. You turned and saw Luke walking swiftly towards you. He wave and you smiled back. "Hi....Luke. What's..what up?" you said, getting slightly lost in his eyes again. "Well, I wanted to see if you're all right. I heard what happened last night. Percy told me. Him and Devin were plotting ways to get them back..." "Oh! That! Yeah! I'm fine! Everything's hunky dory!" you said, asking yourself mentally if you had really just said 'hunky dory.' "Are you sure?" "Yeah! I'm great!" you said, waving your hand in the universal motion for 'It was nothing'. He nodded slowly. "Okay. I believe you. But if they do it again, tell me. They might be sons of Ares, but that doesn't mean I can't still kick their butts!" 
  12. Okay guys! I'm gonna stop here! I hope you enjoyed part 4 of a Percy Jackson Love Story. And for any Grover fans out there, I'll try to weave him into the storyline more, don't worry! Dont forget to rate and comment!

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