Percy Jackson Love Story part 22

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How will Violet deal with being Kronos' new spy? And what will happen at a particularly dangerous stop at the St. Louis Arch?

Will you get the guy of you dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315 of wattpad
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  1. Okay, just a few notes. To go along with the version on wattpad, Grover will now be Devin and the format in now in "I, me, my" form. Just pick the name of the guy you like the best for the option. Enjoy!
  2. Then, I was back in the woods, sitting with Percy and Devin, who still clutched my hands. They gave no sign that they knew I was gone. Maybe, to them, it had been just a few seconds, when it must have been at least five minutes. "Um...I had a bad dream," I lied, "I saw the effects of the war of the gods on everyone in the world if we don't stop it." I could tell they knew I was lying, but they didn't question me. "Well, it won't happen, Violet. We'll stop it..." Percy said, letting go of my hand. "Yeah," said Devin, "Percy, you, and I are going to prevent it. Don't worry." I realized that if I hadn't gone on the quest, I wouldn't have gotten injured, Luke wouldn't have been possessed, and I wouldn't be in my current dilemma. "I mean, we're not in too bad shape," said Percy, "Right, Violet?" "Could be worse," I said hollowly, trying not to scream at myself for being such an idiot. 'Yeah, Vi, just because you can kick royal troll butt during CTF, doesn't mean you're ready to go tackle the world. Jeez,' I thought venomously to myself. Percy and Devin yawned suddenly and, even though it was about noon, and I found I was tired too. Though, for me, it was probably side effects of being in Kronos' presence. Maybe I was effecting the boys... "You as exhausted as I am?" Percy asked. Devin and I nodded. "Yeah," I said, as my eyelids began fluttering madly, trying to stay open. I fell backwards anyways. Percy caught me, but we were all soon out like lights in a power-outage... ***** Someone was shaking me. I opened my eyes slowly; the sun was in about the same spot in the sky. Percy was smirking down at me. "Whasgoinon?" I asked groggily. "Grover sent us a friend," said Percy, who was smirking his face off. I looked over to see and Iris message of Grover- and saw that he was conversing quietly with a...a pink poodle, that was sitting on our side of the message. Sure, it was dirty and matted, but still unnaturally pink. "Hey, Violet, you're awake!" Grover cried, waving at me and smiling. I nodded and smiled back. "Vi, meet Gladiola. Gladiola, meet Violet," said Grover, as if humans were introduced to poodles every day. The poodle yapped expectantly at me. I just stared at it. "Say hello to the poodle, Vi," said Devin nervously. I continued to stare. What was my life coming to? "Vi," said Percy, "Devin and I said hello to the poodle. You say hello to the poodle." The poodle barked and growled at me. I said hello to the poodle. According to the poodle, it ran away from a rich family who had posted a $200 reward for Gladiola's return. Apparently Gladiola could read the signs. He didn't really want to go back, but he was willing if it meant helping Grover, who had somehow found him in the woods of Camp Half-Blood. He'd talked to Gladiola for a while and figured we'd need the money, as our money bag had been lost in the fight with the Furies. Also, there was an Amtrac train heading west scheduled for 2 pm. According to Percy's watch, it was 1 pm right now. "So, we return Gladiola, get the money, and head West. Simple," Percy said. Devin and I nodded enthusiastically. "Alright, well, I gotta go now, guys," said Grover, "Good luck with the rest of your quest!" "˜Thanks, Grover' I thought as he disappeared, "˜We're going to need it.' ***** One hour later, I found myself on a train squished between Percy and Devin. "Go back to sleep, if you can, Vi. Where we're going, you're going to need it," said Devin. I nodded, and after a little while, I was asleep again.
  3. When I woke up, Percy was fast asleep with his head on my lap. Giggling, I pulled out my phone that I had snuck into my bag when I was packing and turned on the power. Even if I wasn't supposed to use it, this was a photo-op I couldn't simply ignore. As soon as the shot was taken, I turned off my phone. "Shouldn't you leave that off?" I nearly jumped, but it was only Devin, who was apparently watching me the whole time. "Can't monsters find us easier if we use cell phones?" he asked. "Can you blame me?" I defended. He paused and put his hand on his chin as if pondering something. After a while he spoke again. "Nah, I really can't." I almost laughed, but didn't in case I woke up Percy. Devin smiled gently. In fact, his smile was so gentle it didn't even look real. "You okay?" I asked. "Yeah, just thinking," he said quietly. "What about?" He paused and looked at me, then out the window. "I'm thinking about girlfriend." I felt my eyes widen. "'re going to tell me now?" He nodded sadly. "Where is she?" Devin grimaced. "Probably Elysium. She's dead...." If possible, my eyes got bigger. "Oh...gods, Devin. I'm...sorry." I felt so bad about yelling at him now... "How did it happen?" Devin's brown eyes got sad. "Well...we were walking to archery practice one day...and the whole camp started yelling. Apparently a hydra was attacking the borders of camp. Eleanor and I went running to help. We were the only ones there besides Luke, who was trying to protect Thalia's tree with everything he had." "Eleanor and I fought for about ten minutes until Luke cut off two of the heads. Everyone thought it was dead, obviously forgetting the myth momentarily, until it came back with four more heads. We fought longer. Eventually, the hydra broke my bow and was about to crush me underfoot when Ellie pushed me out of the way. She died in my place. I knew it was her, because I saw her own broken bow lying in the grass next to the hydra's foot." Devin was crying hard now, but kept speaking. I had one hand over my mouth. "Luke killed the monster and ran for Chiron. I knelt next to Eleanor and she told me that I would make an amazing hero one day, that my mom would claim me. She also told me she loved me, and she would wait for me in Elysium. Then, she died in my arms." Devin bowed his head, crying hard. I felt my own tears prick my eyes. "Devin, I'm so sorry," I said quietly, wrapping one arm around his shaking shoulders. "Sometimes, I feel her with me, Violet. Sometimes, I can hear her voice in my head, telling me what to do in a fight. And sometimes," he said, looking up into my blue eyes, "I can see her face. Mostly her blue eyes, as cerulean blue as the sky. You have the same eyes as her, Violet." I swallowed. "So that's why you looked panicked when you first met me, why you freaked out when I started archery. Who was she the daughter of?" "Apollo," said Devin gruffly, "And frankly, I don't think Apollo likes me very much since she died. I think he thinks I caused her death. He loved Ellie so much....Everyone who met her had no choice but to love her...I have no idea why she was with me...." I smiled at him. "Because, she saw the smart, funny, nice guy that everyone can see when they look at you. Devin, I think that guy is hidden from you, but trust me, he's in there. That's why Eleanor loved you." He smiled back, tear tracks glistening on his face. "Thanks, Violet. I'm glad I told you. It feels so good to talk about it." "Well, I'll always be right here to talk to you, whenever you need me, Devin Henderson." "I'll make sure to hold you to that, Violet Wilde," he replied, hugging me tightly. After a moment, we broke apart. "We're not going to be able to tell Percy about this," I said, "He'll laugh at us for being mushy. Listen, I won't tell if you don't." He blushed. "On one condition." "Yeah?" "Print off that picture you took of Percy and give it to me. I need some good blackmail against him." I laughed and almost woke Percy, who groaned and shifted in his highly hilarious sleep. One hand shhhing Devin, I got settled in my chair, ready to drift off. Devin was snoring in his sleep almost immediately. Suddenly... "I won't help you....I won't....won't help you...." Percy mumbled in his sleep. I shot straight up in my chair. I knew by now that dreams weren't dreams for demigods. They were visions, sometimes warnings. Who wanted Percy to help them? Why was Percy denying? I think I knew exactly who it was... Devin unexpectedly kicked Percy in the shin in his sleep, just then. "OW!" Percy said, shooting up a foot, in shock. Rubbing his leg, he turned to me and smiled. "Hey Violet, good...?" "Morning. It's about 6 in the morning," I said, checking his watch. He groaned and sat back in his chair. "So...who wants your help?" I asked nonchalantly. "What do you mean?" Percy asked, suddenly very tense. "When you were asleep, you started saying 'I won't help you.' Who wants your help?" I asked, getting anxious now. "I was dreaming....about a pit. There'd been spirits of the dead all around me...and a voice was coming out of the pit. It wanted my rise from the pit. To start a war with the gods." Percy said slowly, as if still trying to make himself believe it was true. I was silent for a long time until I said, slowly, trying not to scream in anger at Kronos, "That doesn't sound like Hades. He lives in the Underworld, but you made it sound like he was in....Tarturus." As I said that word, the lights flickered on the Amtrac train. "He offered my mother in trade. Who else could offer me that but Hades?" Percy asked. I felt my eyebrows furrow. What about Percy's mom? "What do you mean, he offered her in trade?" I asked tensely. "She was...abducted. By Hades. He sent the Minotaur to take her. I have absolutely NO idea why. But I need to get down there ASAP," Percy said, looking really sad talking about his mom. I nodded slowly. "I'm sorry, Percy...That must be hard..." I said. He nodded. We were silent for a moment before I got back on topic. "I guess...maybe if when he said 'Help me rise' he really meant 'Help me rise from the Underworld.' But...why did he ask for your help if he already has the bolt?" I wanted to scream, to tell him that Hades had nothing to do with it, that either Luke or another enemy demigod had the bolt, and that they were trying to get it to Kronos. But remained silent. Percy shook his head. I looked at him, trying to figure out what he was thinking. But I knew it had to do with his mom..... "Percy, you can't bargain with Hades. You know that right?" Percy nodded slowly, looking out the window, watching Ohio race by......
  4. Toward the end of June 13th, our second day on the train, eight days before our impending deadline, we passed the Mississippi River and reached St. Louis. I had to crane my neck at a horribly uncomfortable angle, but I looked at the Gateway Arch from out the window. I nudged Devin, who I knew, as a son of Athena would want to see this landmark. He, miraculously, was still asleep. "AH! I...uh....I mean, where are we?" he asked, rubbing his eyes. "St. Louis. We're going sightseeing," I said, trying not to laugh. "Sightseeing?" He said it like someone would say "˜Chocolate Mountain of Joy.' "Yeah, sightseeing. We're at the Gateway Arch, and I figured you'd want to ride to the top." I explained. Percy sighed, while Devin smiled hugely. "Awesome!" Devin cried, "My siblings back at Camp are going to be so jealous!" Percy grumbled, but followed the both of us off of the train. ***** Bad news: we had to walk a mile from the station to get to the Arch. Good news: the lines weren't too long. We walked through underground tunnels filled with artifacts and other junk from the ancient times to the 1800s, which wasn't very fun, as I was imagining all these horrible scenes in my head, all of which had to do with running into another monster. I had almost managed to get a hold of myself and calm down, when we saw the little tiny car we would ride in to get to the top of the Arch. I hated small confined places. It was part of my ADHD that I needed to be moving at all times. And little tiny spaces like this on didn't allow me to do that. ***** There was a bunch of other people on deck- a fat lady and a Chihuahua, a family of three, and an attendant with a couple of guards. "Children, where are your parents?" asked the fat lady. "Oh, they're on the ground. They're horribly afraid of heights," you lied quickly, adding in a dazzling smile. "Poor things...." she said, as her dog growled "Now, now, sonny. Not here, with all these nice people..." she scolded. But the dog continued to growl. "Not now, son...." she said. "Sonny. Is that his name?" asked Percy. "No," she said, and beamed at him. The dog continued to growl.
  5. The next car to go up finally arrived, but as I was getting in, I noticed the other two tourists inside. Percy had also noticed them-noticing that there would be no room for him. "Next car please," asked the attendant in a bored tone. Devin and I exchange a look. "We'll get out with you," I suggested, not willing to split up. But Percy just shook his head and said he would be okay. "Really, Violet. I'll be fine," he assured me. I gave him a pleading, anxious look as the doors shut and the car went up. I continued to stare at him until his smiling face and waving hands disappeared. I sighed. "He'll be fine....he'll be away from us for a little more than five minutes," Devin whispered. "Devin, we're demigods. Five minutes could be all it takes to get him killed," I whispered back. Devin was silent for a minute. "I know....but he's Percy Jackson." ***** We were silent for the rest of the ride, and still didn't say anything until we were back on the ground. "Do you see him anywhere?" I asked Devin, who shook his head. Suddenly, a blast of fire emitted from the side of the Arch. "Found him..." said Devin, almost to himself. I shot Devin a half annoyed look and turned back to face the Arch- just in time to see an explosion of glass, flying in every direction, sparkling in the sun- and in the midst of it all- a small, human shaped figure. It looked like....Percy. I gave and exasperated sigh as he went hurtling toward the river below. I was momentarily certain that he would be smashed upon impact when he reached the water- he was falling 630 feet!- until I remembered who his father was. Poseidon wouldn't let his own son die if he had anything to say about it. And hopefully, he did have something to say about it. Percy's body hit the water with a deafening SPLASH! I grabbed Devin's hand and pulled him throughout the crowd towards Percy. We got to the edge of the river and looked down. I didn't see anything in the murky, dirt-colored water except for my and Devin's reflections. Suddenly, something in the distance caught my eye- a figure at the other end of the river emerging from the water- Percy! He looked completely dry and uninjured and I breathed in a deep sigh of relief. Devin and I starting running by the side of the river until we got close enough for Devin to tackle Percy. "We thought you went to Hades the hard way!" Devin said, as he released Percy. I looked at Percy for a minute- he smirked at me like crazy- before slapping him upside the head. "What was -?" "'Really, Violet, I'll be fine,'" I said, in a bad imitation of Percy's voice. "Um...sorry?" I glared at him before giving him a rib-crushing hug. "If you die on me, Percy Jackson, I swear, I'll kill you," I said as he laughed. ***** After Devin and I finished questioning Percy about what happened, ("A huge, fire breathing Chihuahua!") we decided to get out of there before someone recognized Percy- who was apparently a nation-wide known criminal, wanted for questioning on the disappearance of his mom and the blown up bus we'd left behind in New Jersey. Somehow, we all made it back to the Amtrac station without being spotted. We caught the train just as it was about to head for Denver. I sat in my seat, and closed my eyes. Next to me, on either side, I could already hear the boys snoring. 'Hello, Violet,' a voice said in my mind, just as I was falling asleep, 'I know you can hear me.' I shot straight up. 'W-who are you?' 'Take a guess-Princess.'
  6. That's all for now. I hoped you like it! I miss you all so much! Make sure to comment and rate and all that jazz. My email is the same as it's ever been. Fly you high.

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