Percy Jackson: Greek Mythology

Ha ha ha. Do you have what it takes to be a Percy Jackson ultimate fan? To be the top of the top? This quiz, including many difficult questions, will see if you do!

Now, go ahead. Go take the quiz... You might fail like many before you... But you might emerge as a superstar! Your friends will admire you for ALL the things you know about Percy Jackson! Ain't that great?

Created by: Alan
  1. Who wears a Fruit Loom Underwear?
  2. What's Nico's mom's first name?
  3. Who is the wife of Typhon?
  4. Which group was assigned to protect the Lincoln Tunnel?
  5. Where do the Hunters eat?
  6. How did Lee Fletcher die?
  7. Who was the sheep Percy attached to in order to escape in the Sea of Monsters?
  8. Who does Nico DiAngelo like?
  9. What is Clarisse's full name?
  10. Where did Tyson live before people from the school found him?

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