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Created by: ThatPerson

  1. You are on a public bus and bursting to pee. Your stop isn't for another 45mins-1hour. What do you do? (You're wearing a skirt)
  2. If you chose to get off at the next stop, you are in a built up residential area. What do you do?
  3. If you chose to try and find somewhere with a toilet, you have been walking for 10mins now and are really close to losing it. You see some public toilets but they are locked, however it is more secluded here.
  4. If you chose to continue, you found a shop and the owner said you could use the toilet there. Just as he was showing you where it is, you peed all over the floor.
  5. You are in a Black Friday queue. If you manage to be one of the first 100 people in the shop when it opens, you get a Bluetooth speaker for only £5. Unfortunately you have already been here for 4hours and are very desperate to pee. The shop doesn't open for another hour and if you leave the queue you won't get the speakers.
  6. You are in a hot tub with a couple of friends when a sudden urge to pee comes over you.
  7. You are at school at night for some kind of event. You are desperate to pee but all of the toilets are locked.
  8. You are taking a baby out for a walk in the push chair to try to get it to sleep. You have been walking for a couple of hours now, your urge to pee gradually getting worse. You are now at the point where you just can't hold it anymore. You are walking along a main road.
  9. You are in a department store and have just chugged a large coke from McDonald's. You are suddenly so desperate to pee that you can barely move. There are no toilets in the store.
  10. You have been locked in your room for hours now (somehow the door jammed and nobody's home to get you out). You needed a pee when you got stuck in there but now it is unbearable.

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