Emergency Alert Systems Quiz

As emergency situations such as shootings become more prevalent in our society it behooves institutes such as hospitals to be prepared with a pre-set method of communication during those times of crisis. A communications system that sends out alerts and quickly transfers important updates and information in the event of an active shooter called an Emergency Alert System (EAS).

After reading the information presented, are you prepared with he knowledge of Emergency alert Systems? How to implement them and what our National Emergency Alert System Does? We shall see.

Created by: Harold Baker
  1. The National Emergency Alert System (EAS) is overseen by which of the following.
  2. Which of these events is NOT part of the National Emergency Alert System (EAS)
  3. Which one of these providers was not listed as a possible private Alert System?
  4. Which of the following is NOT a good question to ask before you purchase and Emergency Alert System?
  5. Which website has information about the National Emergency Alert System?
  6. What does IPAWS stand for?
  7. Who is responsible for national-level EAS tests and exercises?
  8. How often if the best practice for testing your EAS system?
  9. Which of these are ways emergency alerts can be sent?
  10. What is the purpose of an Emergency Alert System?

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