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Check out my channel: PD2002! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE COMMENTS AND PLEASE CLICK ON THIS QUIZ! Sorry for shouting, but it's always appreciated! PD2002 IS ME!!!

Can YOU make the PD2002 your goal? Please? Whatever you do, Subscribe, Comment and Like! If you can beat these questions, you're amazing and I'm always in your debt! (Not)

Created by: Kirito_SAO of YouTube
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  1. What does PD stand for?
  2. What shirt is he wearing in his profile picture?
  3. What is my first video?
  4. Who made my channel art?
  5. What is 2002?
  6. What do I wear?
  7. What do I name my reports?
  8. What do I use to record? If this quiz is outdated, consider it as my first videos.
  9. What is my Minecraft Username?
  10. What is my 3rd video of Minecraft How To?
  11. Why did I make the channel?

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