Party Time! Based on a thread in the Lounge

So, Icee Chill, Unloving and JohnLennonFan are partying on the Lounge! You are invited to come to this party! You choose how your version of this Forum Story goes!

So, will you party like a champ? Or just stand around and mope? You decide the fate of GoToQuiz Forum Party! So, let us begin this awesome party now!

Created by: JohnLennonFan

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  1. Okay, so, Icee Chill, JohnLennonFan, and possibly UnLoving are partying. Do you join in?
  2. Icee chugs down another beer.
  3. Unloving gets back onto party.
  4. *Is partying*
  5. Icee: *Is drinking another beer*
  6. Unloving: *Throws tobacco everywhere*
  7. JohnLennonFan: *Is watching and stops dancing*
  8. Unloving: *Is passing around tobacco*
  9. And that is all for now!
  10. Comment and Rate and take other parts?

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