Are you a party pooper?

Parties are fun, but not if you're a party pooper. This is a quiz where you can find what kind of host are you. Mean? or Party animal? Take the quiz!! :D

I need a second paragraph??? Fine. I guess I should talk more about he's personality the way please don't hate! This is my FIRST quiz EVERY so CONSTRUCTIVE critism is welcome!

Created by: yellowbell

  1. When you greet the guest what would you say?
  2. If someone breaks something by accident and not from being stupid or clumsy...what would you do?
  3. Someone tells you a corny joke during the party...
  4. Socially how are you at this party?
  5. If someone bumps into you and spills thier drink on you what do you do?
  6. I need twelve question so CHEESE XD
  7. If it was a birthday and you get stupid gifts...
  8. Think fast! Party crashers show up!
  9. Someone suddenly cranks up the music
  10. Time for the party to be over! What do you do?
  11. What if I told you this question didn't count?
  12. JK it did ^_^
  13. but that one didn't ^_^
  15. ONE MORE! will you comment and rate

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Quiz topic: Am I a party pooper?