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  • The front was a bit confusing because I guess the paragraphs were messed up. I'm not very sure.

    I do hope you decide to continue this series. Katherine and Elena? Vampire Diaries for the world. They are even twins (: That stalker might turn out to be never know. Lord something is wrong with me thinking about guys at the moment. I wonder what the five forces are. It was the old man that turned me right? MAYBE I'M SPECIAL. Please do continue it and write the second part. I love it. Me gusta. Superb detail and that little mind that echos exactly what I'm thinking. HAPPY NEW YEARS :)

  • PuffBall, I sorry I late! :c It's wonderful to see you back to writing, though, and there's a lot about this story that I'm wondering about, so I, like ivory, do hope you continue ^^

  • Thanks, I just fixed it.


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