Part-{The Five Forces}-1

Okay, here is the deal. This is another quiz series, and I got bored. It has been a while, but well. Any who, if you are bored as well you might want to read this.

I'm not making promises that this series might go on and thrive. I'm thinking of another approach. Plus, I'm getting off gotoquiz for good after i finally finish reading my good good friend's series on here. A lot of them gone, but a lot of them still here, so I'll wait. I can't fail my loyalties. hahaha okay so this is just for-fun quiz that you might like.

Created by: PuffBall

  1. Prologue - Stopping and looking around if anyone was there was just another mistake I found myself almost regretting completely. ___________I didn't know if either I'm just being hard on myself or some stalker was really out there. I sighed; my uttering thoughts obviously are getting the best of me. I usually find myself thinking too much, but it's my vacation, and nothing really bad happens here down in Florida other than hurricanes and somewhat. I looked around the parking lot for the last time, and started walking towards the stairs entry way. I was too tired to go all around the hotel for the elevator, and besides, what could go wrong. The florescent lights flickered in the dark sky, and gosh did I mention the dampness? Okay, maybe my hair might be the thing that could go wrong. I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I mean, at least I got the humidity to blame.
  2. I pulled the heavy door, and I was about to go into the heavenly feeling of that air-conditioned fresh air until I heard someone yell: "Wait!" I blinked for a second, and then turned around to meet an old man with gray hair, dark blue eyes, and with a pleading look that seems to be pleading at me.
  3. "Yes?" I asked as I smiled back. I would love to get out of this heat, and while I would have just said I was in a hurry, of course I couldn't be so rude. The old man smiled back and soon held out a piece of paper that seems to have been ripped out from some journal or something.
  4. "Miss, I am deeply sorry about interrupting your night. My wife had just passed, and although I would really love to read what she had written for me, I don't have my reading glasses. Could you be a dear and read this for me, I really would like to read it now," he had that sad pleading look again. I squinted at him with a moment of suspicion. I may not be some world class spy, but I've read, heard, and seen too many stories about these incidents with not suspecting the suspected from something so innocent.
  5. "Sure," I finally said, "I'm sorry for your loss," and I grabbed the piece of paper from his shaky hands. I should really stop this habit on imagining these unreal fantasies. As soon as my eyes focused on the piece of paper I felt a pang inside my stomach. "I know this might pinch a little darling, but its part of your destiny. Just hold still and don't scream. A little will be explained to you." I raised my eyebrow at him. I gave the paper back to him, and as long as he understood what I've read I don't need to ask anything. He looked at me and whispered a "˜Thanks.' I nodded, and soon turned around to open the rusted door. When I felt a sharp pinch of pain on my shoulder I turned around to see the man again, but holding a needle like object that doctors usually used for my vaccines. The last thing I saw was the beautiful night stars before I was engulfed in total darkness. _______________ Dang, I should have been rude instead of going along with the favor he asked. Right after I've woken up from a minute of complete darkness the man took a knife, and dug it into his hand, took it out, and then pressed his hand on my mouth. He quickly told me that tomorrow I would start to understand, and that I had to be careful until it was time. He then told it was a ritual he had done, that I would stop aging around 18, but when I would look 20 I would really be 200, and that I was fine. Everything he said after that was a blur, but then, "˜POOF,' he was gone in the night's shadows. I did soon understand in the days that followed. I told my parents everything then, and they helped me train. I soon gotten control of blood and now I stick to blood bags, but if I had to drink from a human I would stay in control. I was a predatory species. I still grew though, and when I would feed; I would defiantly not look like what Buffy would slay. My eyes would just turn into this fiery gold color. I was stronger than a regular human, way faster too, and had my senses heightened. I could somehow manipulate fire; even create fire in mid air, and not even hurting myself. So yes, let me say the thing that haunts me every night. That made it so hard to believe, and came as a shock to me that all the reading, hearing, and seeing stories about these things happening for my entertainment made my ignorance bliss, that I've made sure wasn't there come to the surface. So don't blame me, as this is just so weird and intense to say that, yes, I am a Vampire.
  6. Now- I eyed the calendar, but the truth daunted on me. All the signs had showed me the truth, but I'm not ready to give in. Okay, maybe I am. I started jumping up and down on my bed. It's summer, and although I wouldn't see my friends and teachers for another two months, I'm still very happy that I'm going to get to go to Florida. After all, I haven't been there since the weird incident three years ago that turned me into who I am today. I haven't been there since I was fourteen; never gone there since two years ago. A road trip to Florida is just what I needed for this summer. I jumped in alert when my phone started buzzing.
  7. "Hello?" I asked to my best friend who was chewing breakfast on the other side of the phone.
  8. "How do you feel for a sleep over tonight?" she asked while her sister on the other end was playing with their dog.
  9. "Yes, let me ask my mother, and of course she'll say yes too. Give me a sec Katherine," I quickly walked out of my bed room. My surroundings blurred as I immediately found myself in front of my mother who was indeed talking on the phone as well. "Can I pretty please sleep over at Katherine's tonight?" my mother rolled her eyes and nodded. "Yes; for insurance my mother agreed," I said finally to my best friend.
  10. "Call me when you're almost here. Come at around five, okay?"
  11. "Sure," and then I ended the call. I squealed in excitement. But that excitement didn't last that long when something else caught my eye. I raised my eyebrow as I looked through my window. Someone was standing outside. Just when I started to look closely, the person was gone. Great, the same stalker from last week started stalking again. I haven't told my parents yet, I mean, it's between my laziness and the fact that if he keeps on stalking I will take action. I started imagining myself walking towards the person saying: "˜Hey, why do you keep following me? This is not a movie, and for your information...' and so on. I hate it when I feel like someone's eyes were on me. Some time when I was I kid I would always find nothing, but this. Finding someone, some matter at least instead of just air just made things so much creepier. I hope – if it's a he- that the person is not a psychotic pervert. I've seen too many scary movies for that matter. And let me mention I would be disgusted. Ugh, every girl should know about these kinds of people, five years old or not. I defiantly knew and watched out for bad people when I was little. I was actually the wisest and mature of all children, well other then the part of my saying not fair to my father when he cheated in a board games. I swore he would cheat, I mean, he mostly beats me! I was never the one to cry about wanting something. That if I went to the store of all toys I wouldn't say anything on wanting. Well, I thought I was mature. The only trouble I've caused was falling down and being adventurous. One second I'm here and the next I'm there. Now, the falling down parts weren't gone, I'm still clumsy me. The fact is, I used to be the nature girl of the world, but now I'm the house girl who would always find her nose stuck inside a book.
  12. After a long while of thinking and reading, my eyes drifted to the clock. One more hour until I should start getting ready. Any who I'm hungry; I should probably go downstairs and get a blood bag from the refrigerator. ~
  13. "Phoebe, I can't breathe. Deaths hug here!" Katherine chocked out, and so I let go for the backpack I brought along for the sleep over. Elena, her twin sister that had a little differences with her but still one of my "˜sisters', came up and hugged me more so as well. Her mother came to the door to greet me. As soon as they let go I turned around and hugged my mother.
  14. "Be careful, okay?" My mother whispered. I nodded as I left her warm embrace to Katherine's bedroom. I set my backpack down against Katherine's bed. Katherine and her sister both know what I am, so I just bring a blood bag-just in case I get hungry- and put it on the way back in the refrigerator.
  15. So Elena went off to sneak it in while I just smile at Katherine and say; "Where is your older sister?" She shrugged.
  16. At her friend's house, she's having a sleep over as well," I could have sworn I saw her eyes twinkle as soon as she now is telling me the long list of things we had to do. Eagerness filled the room. Yes, I am ready for the pool. `
  17. I looked out the bedroom window to see my stalker under the street lights. Fear ran through my bones. He was never this close. Elena came in with their dog, Cupcake, and Katherine came in from the closet. It was never a big deal for me, but now that reality struck me, I realized that I still don't know what's out there. I don't know if there is more of me or other supernatural beings that I never knew of. Heck, maybe someone I knew was one and I never knew, or maybe they never knew too. I shut the blinds, and spun around.
  18. "Okay, I have to tell you guys something, and I'm sure it will freak you out as much as it did to me," I said as I paced back and forth. They looked up with questioning looks. I scooted away from the window. I can still feel his eyes burn through the blinds and right at me-his intense, dark brown eyes that had me feeling more uncomfortable than ever- or is he a her?
  19. ` "So what now?" I whispered as we stopped before the door. Although it would have been much easier if I compelled Katherine's mother, but I know Katherine never liked the idea of her mother being compelled. After a moment, Katherine answered my question: "Well, we go out and ask him straight on. If anything happens, we run." I slowly opened the door, and I was about to step out to go around the house, I slammed the door shut. Wasn't he behind the house? I speed out of the doorway. I shook my head. "He is right in front of the drive way!" Their eyes got big. Okay, I told myself, let's do this again. I opened the door slower this time, and saw the stalker just two feet closer. It's now or never. I stepped out of the house. Thank goodness the moon was out, or the darkness would have really gotten the best of me. I heard Katherine whisper to me to be careful. I'm not a kid anymore; I am sixteen, not to mention I am a vampire with fire power, literally. I walked towards him a little, but I turned my head suddenly to my friends, who gazed at me with worry as they stepped out right behind me. I should have insisted more for them to stay in. As soon as I turned my head back around he suddenly was just a few feet away from me.
  20. "Who are you, and why have you been following me for the past week?" I breathed, feeling something in my gut that this obviously will result badly. I have ignored it. "I want a straight answer." The stalker looked like he was about to speak. But what do you know; I didn't even get a chance to chat and see who it was as I now have been taken into a temporary state of my unconscious mind. Again. I should really start putting my intuition in front of me instead of my stubborn self.

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