part of life in real world

The world it's full of many things Good and bad E.g'may be love,nature, also human But Mostly human plays a major role knowing who you and knowing the type of personality you have,that will make you the best known individual

Yes You are alive,yes You are breathing,yes You can see, but do you really exist??... Do you consider yourself as a human?.. Yes you must but Sad is do you really know you're role,mandated, mission and vision??.…all of that they happen with the reason of you knowing who you are in this *World*

Created by: Khauhelo Moima of World of plan
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  1. Do you think you can make it in life Alone?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be loved
  3. What type of life you want to Live?
  4. Whom do you Want to be??
  5. Who are you in terms of relationships?
  6. Is it a must for you to marry/to be married???
  7. Have you ever failed in life?? how many times??
  8. Do you eat to live or eat because it's a must do thing?
  9. Do you think you can Live without your parents?
  10. Who's God to you?

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