are you a God/demi-god or human

Learn if your a God... demigod or just a strong human being but it's unlikely to get human so I made it we are all great with one. I've played my quiz it is good for my first.

I'm a Hellenistic man I love the Greek gods and other things I'll also be creating more than just Greek God quizes so try some more of mine later on and find out

Created by: zerodraconis

  1. What do you want most?
  2. What weapon would you own?
  3. what movie would you watch?
  4. Who do you wish to be friends with?
  5. What would be your animAl?
  6. What would you do if a man angered you?
  7. Would you kill monsters or create them to do your bidding?
  8. Who would you have as an enemy?
  9. Where would you live?
  10. what do you do on spare time?

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Quiz topic: Am I a God/demi-god or human