Paradox's Star Wars Quiz

Hey I made a quiz because my friend was complaining there weren't enough intelligent Star Wars quizzes on here. Let's see if my quiz changes that or not. :P

This quiz has a couple questions about Knights Of The Old Republic, a few about the Republic Commando series, and a couple from the Yuuzhan Vong era, and I think one was just random.

Created by: paradox4

  1. What does the term "Aay-han" stand for?
  2. How many Nulls survived the creation process (and training)?
  3. What was the "problem" with the Nulls that resulted in the Kaminoans wanting to terminate them?
  4. In what major way were Yuuzhan Vong similar to Wookies?
  5. What are Ashla and Bogan?
  6. When Wedge asks Janson "A noble of Cartann comes to you and says, 'I know we have no diplomatic relations yet, but I'm here to request asylum in the New Republic.' What do you say?" what does Janson reply?
  7. What style lightsaber hilt did most of the "One Sith" have?
  8. Which came first, Rakatans or the Sith species?
  9. What Episode of Star Wars has an unhappy ending?
  10. What planet didn't have a Star Map on it in KOTOR?

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