Our little Secret

Azy has make a story and i hope you enjoy it. i worked hard on typing it and trying to think. Please read it and tell me what you think, rate and comment on it and get ready for part 2 :D

Read my story peeps. i really hope you guys enjoy it because i wasn't even thinking when i wrote it, i was eating watermelon and candy. i love watermelon, strawberries, and Carrots! :D

Created by: AZY

  1. This is going to be my first story i make so please don't hate my story. That's enough of me talking, now enjoy the story :)
  2. I was curling my long black wavy hair. I had my black and red dress on with black heels. I was going to my bestfriend, Ana's party. We been bestfriends since we were 5 years old and we always told each other our problems. Ana was like my sister and i love her. I then got done curling my hair. I Looked at myself in my mirror and i looked good, blue eyes shining, olive skin soft and smile so cute. I was going to be late so i went downstairs to see my Dad reading his bills. My dad looked up and stared at me..
  3. He was going to say no and i didn't want him to say that 'Daddy please' i begged to him while i grabbed his big hand. He looked at me 'No Aliah your not going' my dad said. 'why daddy, i'll behave and i love you' i begged again while i kissed his cheek 'Fine but remember the rule' 'have fun' i added smiling. I ran out the door into my friends black charger. 'hi baby' he told me kissing my cheek 'Nathan i told you too stop that, my dad might find out' i told him buckling my seat belt.
  4. Nathan has brown soft spiky hair, green emerald eyes, tan skin, and Cute! okay he's my boyfriend but my dad doesn't like me having a boyfriend because they might end up putting me in bed. 'You look hot like usual' 'Thank you' i said smiling. I Could see Ana's house and it looked packed and had light everywhere inside. We arrived at her house and i got out so excited and happy. 'Lets go Aliah' Nathan said while he pulled me inside. Inside it was crazy and loud, people were dancing, kissing, and Drinking.
  5. Looking around the place i saw the familiar red short hair, 'Ana' i yelled so loud that other people looked at me like i was dying. Ana turned around and saw me, i smiled and ran to her. 'Aliah' She said while i was pulled into a hug. i hugged her back. 'want a drink?' ana asked me smiling. I Think she's drunk. 'Sure' i said. As i was about to grab the cup i got tackled by a guy, obviosly. 'Ahh' i yelled a bit as my back hit the wall. I was pinned to the wall by that guy. He had black wavy hair,grey eyes..
  6. ...And a super sexy smile. 'Sorry about that, i'am jayden' He said smiling. My body felt all tingly and sweet but i had a boyfriend. 'i'am Aliah' i smiled. Jayden smiled down at me then he left to get a drink 'Wow aly, he's hot!' Ana said. I jumped 'gosh, you scared me'. i keeped thinking about jayden but i had nathan. Speaking of nathan, here he came 'baby let's go up' he said. 'no' i told him. i yelled a bit because he was carrying me to a room. i was going to get raped, maybe.
  7. He put me on the bed and started to kiss me. i kissed him back and then i felt like peeing. i pulled away out of breath. 'be right back' i told him while i ran to a bathroom. i peed and just stood there looking around. About 25minutes later i got out and saw nathan in bed with another girl, i was mad but i felt like crying. i left the room and got inside a random room. i started to cry so bad, tears rushing down fast but full of pain. 'Why you crying?' i heard a male voice coming toward me.
  8. i was getting scared 'stay back' i yelled and tried to find an object for portection. i felt a hand on my waist and i flipped him over. 'uhhh' i heard a groan. i turned the light on only to see........CLIPHANGER! >:D
  9. Sorry for the clifhangger. :D How did you like my quiz? Please rate and comment if you want me to make part 2.
  10. Bye! Adios!

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