one direction test

are YOU a directioner!!! find out here, just click take quiz, im sure niall and harry and liam and louis and zayn would want you to :) the description is below

This quiz is about one direction, it will test your knowledge one one direction and you will know weather or not you are good enough to be a true directioner.

Created by: addie
  1. who is not apart of one direction in any way shape or form?
  2. who is irish
  3. were was one direction formed
  4. how many members are in one directiun?
  5. what is one directions nick name?
  6. how many songs have one direction wrote for charity
  7. what would one direction do without liam
  8. what is louis birthday?
  9. what is not related to one direction
  10. what is not a one direction song

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