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Nicknames for the 5 talented guys!: AmaZayn, Daddy Direction, Hazza, NIALLER! xD And I forgot the rest.. I think... HAZZA! HAZZA! ^-^ Hazza is cuuute with his curly hair, and dimples. x3

NIALLER! :o HAZZA! :o DADDY DIRECTION! :o AMAZAYN! :o But what's Louis'?! OH NO... I FORGOT HIS! D: AGH, NOOOOOOOO! Oh well. I could always look it up... :3

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. Liam has a fear of spoons.
  2. When Harry was younger, his hair was blonde and curly.
  3. Louis' name is pronounced 'Louie' not Louis.
  4. Zayn's name is originally spelled Zain.
  5. Niall's last name, Horan, means 'The Who*e' in Swedish.
  6. At age 12, Liam broke his nose while taking boxing lessons, trying to learn how to defend himself.
  7. Louis jacked Niall at a service station. (Poor Nialler! :o)
  8. If you straighten Harry's hair, he'll cry.
  9. Someone made a FAKE picture of Niall smoking, and it actually made him cry.

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