Not Any Mortal Boys! (Part 10)


Okay so in this part you go to the next realm. Cool huh? You encountered people who you never knew were real. Keep in mind- this part is sorta lame. Sorry! I'll make the next part better!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You wake up slowly and rub your eyes. The light of the Sun made you see the color red, even though your eyes were closed. Dandelion seeds tickled your face as the early morning breeze blew gently, making everything sway. The trees loomed above you. You feel a tingle on your arm. You looked at it and brushed off a few ants. You sighed as the memories of yesterday flooded into your brain. Anyway, you stood up, and walked over to the tents.
  2. The guys were taking down your tent. Eulisses flashed a quick, charming smile at you but you just ignored it with a huff and marched away. You thought you heard Eulisses yell "Come back, we're really sorry!" from behind you but you don't stop. You trudge through the forest, opening your barricaded mind to accept your surroundings- the rustling of the plants and trees, the bright, flashy colors of the flowers, the buzzes and hums of insects, and the clippity-clop of deers' hooves over fallen logs and branches. Suddenly, a figure slid in front of you, as graceful and stealthy as Serefina. "S-Serefina?" you stutter. The figure laughed, a melodious, fluid sound. Then the figure stepped out of the shadows. "I am Arya. Daughter of Islanzadi, the Queen of Ellesmera." then, another figure stepped out, making you gasp again. "And I am Eragon. Rider of the majestic Saphira. Savior of Algaesia." you could only hang your jaw open and blink. "L-Like- in the BOOKS?!" you shriek. Eragon and Arya looked at each other, then back at you. "We were written in books?" Arya asked suspiciously. Eragon had raised an eyebrow. "Never mind," you blurt out. "Can I-I mean may I see Saphira? And is this my next challenge? Oh and can I please please please meet Oromis and Glaedr? Oh and Lifaen and Nari!!! I-" "Patience," said Eragon. "Yes, this is your next challenge, Upiorzyca. Saphira has injured her leg, so she may not come now. Master Oromis and Master Glaedr are busy, as well as Lifaen and Nari." you sigh, sadly. Arya continued, "Upiorzyca, you must defeat me in combat, then Eragon. This is your challenge." "But isn't- I mean, no offense, Eragon, but aren't you better than him?" you ask, shyly and stupidly. Arya smiled wryly. "Eragon has learned very well under Master Oromis' and Master Glaedr's guidance," she said. "Now," she said, "shall we begin?" she thrust a sword into your arms and unsheathed her own, its blade glinting in the sunlight.
  3. "B-but I don't even know how to handle weapons!" you protest. "Calm down, Upiorzyca," Arya soothed. "We will go easy on you. I will swing slowly so you know when to do which block and when to strike. Is that all right with you?" you breathe a sigh of relief. "Yes," you breathed. "Thank you."
  4. Arya slowly started swinging slowly to the right, aiming for your hip. You blocked it. "Don't stay stiff, like a statue," Eragon advised. "Otherwise, you will not be capable of dodging a sudden swing." you took his advice and loosened your trembling joints up by wringing your hands and shaking out your feet. Suddenly, a flashback of you at your home with your younger brother came into view. He was playing Wii Resort, the swordfighting game. You remember when you asked him how to play and how he taught you all the secrets of swordfighting. "Arya?" you ask. "Can you go a bit harder on me?" Arya looked surprised, but only for a second. She smiled. "As you wish," she said. She went a bit faster and you use the techniques your brother taught you- thrusting, swinging, slashing, dodging, and blocking. Arya gradually fought faster and faster, in a way that you couldn't even notice that she was. Soon, you whirling around like a tornado, as flexible and as strong as an antelope. Finally, Arya stopped. "You are ready," she said, smiling, "To fight my true strength and abilities."
  5. You get ready in your stance, poised for any sudden move, your eyes watching every single jerk in Arya's arms and legs. The only sounds were crickets chirping and your raspy breath. Arya suddenly swung her sword at you. You gasp and block it, then parry it away. Arya jumped and sailed over your head, landing behind you, and slashed. You whirl behind you and blocked it, then made a jab toward her chest. She easily blocked it, raining a shower of bright, blue sparks. Like this, you whirled and jabbed and thrusted until...
  6. You suddenly flew backward and hit a tree so hard that it creaked and groaned and fell with a big THUD. Arya looked pained at the sight of the tree falling, but you didn't give pity on her. You were supposed to fight her and you would stop at nothing to defeat any obstacle in your path. Groaning, you get up, ignoring your aching back. But Arya was stronger than ever, always tossing you around like a toy. Then, Upiorzyca's spirit said in your head, '_____. Arya is cheating. She is using magic.' you gasp and yell, "STOP!" and Arya stopped in her jump in midair and landed gracefully on the ground. "You're using magic, cheater!" you shout. She smiled-again. "Good, you have figured out my trick. Now, you must fight Eragon." you gulp and turned toward Eragon, who pulled out his sword, Brisingr, smiling all the while.
  7. Eragon puts that spell over his sword to protect it. He immediately slashed a deathly swing toward your head. You duck and block. Like this, you kept going and going. Once, using his magic, he blasted a wave of water toward you. You leaped over it with unnatural strength and ferocity and brought down a swing to Eragon. He blocked you while you were still in midair and flung you onto the ground. Eragon slashed his sword toward you, but you jumped/tumbled over the blade and sprang right back up. You started combining the techniques of what your brother taught you, as well as the kicks and punches and levitation lessons that the guys taught you, though you were reluctant to do so.
  8. However, you soon started to get tired. Your stabs and swings were growing weaker. Soon, when spit was drooling out of your mouth and you just wanted to drop out, you felt a surge of energy burst inside of you and wake you up. You felt more stronger and sharper than ever before, and you continued fighting with new, rigorous power. You at once knew it was Upiorzyca's spirit who gave you the power. 'Thanks, Upiorzyca,' you think. 'No problem,' she said. You fought Eragon like he was just a dummy filled with straw. Finally, with a flying spinning hoop kick to the side of his head and knocking him off to the side, and with final blow, you were about to kill him when you felt someone grab you from behind. It was Damon. "Calm down, Upiorzyca," he said. "It is all over. You defeated Eragon and Arya. You have passed to the next challenge." you stare behind you at him and the guys. Eulisses looked like he genuinely was sorry. You could see it in his wide, puppy-dog eyes. But you still didn't forgive them. You harrumphed, tore away from Damon's grasp, and stomped away.
  9. You sat inside your tent, not knowing what to feel. You just wanted to restart this quest all over again, and erase these memories, like starting off on a new sheet of paper. Arya came in and sat next to you. "You fought very well," she whispered. "Thanks," you mumble. She smiled. "The boys told me why you were so mad at them. They pleaded for me, since you wouldn't let them, to let you know, that they are very sorry and mad at making you feel so miserable. I believe that you must give them a chance. Remember what had happened earlier in their lives. You don't want to make them even more miserable, do you?" you thought about what she said. While thinking, Arya touched her first two fingers to her lips and said, "I bid you farewell, Upiorzyca," she said. "May the stars watch over you." you couldn't help but grin and touch your lips and say, "And may peace live in your heart." Arya laughed and disappeared, leaving you to drown in the darkness of yor tent.
  10. Yeah, so you fall asleep. Hey guys, sorry I didn't include the guys much in this part! I will in the next part! Oh and this realm is called Elessmera obviously!!! And SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG FOR THIS QUIZ!!!!! I'll try to write it faster!!! Oh and DragonKitty- are you happy now? You wanted me to include Arya, right?

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