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  • Oh and can you make a love story only about ERAGON? Pwease pwease pwease!!!!! *begs with my actual puppy-dog eyes (cuase I already am part wolf) and begs while saying pwease a jazillion times* pwease pwease! *5 days later* pwease pwease? *5 weeks later* pwease pwease? *5 months later* pwease pwease? *5 years later* pweeeeeaaaaasssssse eeeeeeee?!?!?! *finally stops begging but starts crying till you make one*

  • I love your references to Eragon :D and I know what you mean about the results it's really annoying to make them first

  • P.S. Yeah, I know what you mean about the results. It totally sucks and it really messes me up.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!! I love these stories! They're almost like crack...but in a more healthy way of course! Keep writing them! I can't wait for tha next one!!!!!

    ~Viktor all tha way!!~

  • lol yea i no what you mean for the result it gets on my nerves! loved the quiz cant wsit for part 11!! :)

  • how the hell did i get eyl... the elf dude!!!???!?!?

    o and thnx i was looking for a new book to read now ill read those

    live laugh quiz

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