Norse Mythology (60 Questions)

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Whether you're new to the myths or have been learning them your whole life, the Norse tales are both comedic and dark, thrilling and calm, romantic and disgusting, moving and utterly absurd. There's something for everyone.

In this quiz you'll answer 60 questions on the Norse realms, gods and stories. They'll range from easy, to hard, but try to put an answer down for each question. This quiz may take a while, so make sure you're comfortable!

Created by: EnidHoweBarle
  1. Who is the king of the gods?
  2. What are the two main groups of gods?
  3. What was the name of the first man and woman?
  4. What is Ragnarök?
  5. Which god only has one eye?
  6. Which limb did Tyr lose?
  7. How did Tyr lose that limb?
  8. Which is NOT the name of one of Thor's offspring?
  9. What is so unique about Sleipnir?
  10. Who was Sleipnir’s mother?
  11. Who is associated with the Apples of Vitality?
  12. What is the name of the wolf who will swallow the moon?
  13. What is the Fimblwintr?
  14. What are the names of Odin's wolves?
  15. Who did NOT unwillingly kill their sibling?
  16. Who is NOT one of Loki’s offspring?
  17. How did Narvi die?
  18. What colour is Thor's beard?
  19. What are the names of Odin's ravens?
  20. How will Thor die?
  21. How will Loki die?
  22. How will Heimdall die?
  23. How will Odin die?
  24. How will Fenrir die?
  25. Which is NOT a name for Odin?
  26. Who is Sigyn?
  27. Which god supposedly practises seiðr?
  28. What is the name of the world-tree?
  29. Which is NOT a kenning for Sigyn? ** = her husband
  30. True or false? There are two Hods in Norse mythology.
  31. True or false? There are two Vális in Norse mythology.
  32. True or false? There are two Narvis in Norse mythology.
  33. Who is Angrboda?
  34. Whose blood is used in the mead of poetry?
  35. What is the name of the goddess who was half woman, half corpse?
  36. The Binding of Loki results in the death of whom?
  37. What does Loki's wife do in response to his torture?
  38. The gods eat apples that have which magical effect?
  39. What three demands does Skadi make of the gods?
  40. When choosing a husband, Skadi could only select him by what?
  41. Which god did Skadi intend to marry?
  42. Which god does Skadi end up choosing?
  43. Which animal is in the story that Loki tells Skadi to make her laugh?
  44. What is the name of Baldr's wife?
  45. Auðhumla was a hornless cosmic cow that brought the first god - Odin's grandfather - into existence by licking him out of ice over than span of three days. How much of Buri was revealed after one day of licking?
  46. How much of Buri was revealed after two days of licking?
  47. What is the name of Thor's wife?
  48. How was Baldr killed?
  49. Who killed Baldr, and who manipulated him into doing it?
  50. Who kidnaps Iðunn?
  51. True or false? Thor once wore a wedding dress.
  52. Who is NOT one of the Nornir?
  53. True or false? Fenrir can talk.
  54. What animals pull Freyja's chariot?
  55. Who gave Sif a haircut, and who made her new hair?
  56. True or false: Loki's mother was Jötunn, but his father was Æsir.
  57. Which god is NOT disabled in some way?
  58. What does Nidhogg eat?
  59. What is the name of the young boy Thor takes as his servant when journeying to Utgard?
  60. In Utgard, who did Thor wrestle and who did Loki compete in an eating contest against?

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