Nordic Mythology "The Dieties"

This quiz will test your knowlage in the Nordic ways of the Gods. There is a lot to know but this quiz is one of the easiest ever. The vikings were war based but they were also smart.

Are you ready or what? Because the Gods may have a place in Valhalla for you! Odin sent this quiz to Midguard to test your wits so that you may be deemed worthy of Valhalla.

Created by: Savannah
  1. Who is Frost Giant BORN but taken in as an ASEIR?
  2. What is Fenris?
  3. What is the name of Thor's Hammer.
  4. Who is the god of thunder?
  5. Ragnarok is known as what to the Vikings?
  6. Odin's Crows symbolize what Ideas?
  7. Odin has how many siblings?
  8. What/Who pulls Thor's chariot through the sky everyday?
  9. The warrior Sif is betrothed to which god?
  10. Valhalla serves what purpose to the vikings?
  11. How many realms does Heimdall guard?
  12. Hel has how many colors of skin.
  13. What part of the body did Thor hold on to to kill the Midguard Serphant?

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