Ninjago season 3: how well do you know it?

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First of all, I made this quiz very easy, so you don't need need my good luck. I have nothing to write. Now for the weekend whip. "It's time for training and we're getting started, it's on you know"

"Something something and we whip and shout it. We rock, you roll! They say go slow everything just stands so still. We say go go you're gonna see us rippin to in just jumnup kick back whip around and spin..."

Created by: Rudman7
  1. What is the official name for this season?
  2. Who are the bad guys for this season?
  3. Who did Zane fall in love with?
  4. Who said this: "Ninja vs. Robots, dare I ask"?
  5. How many episodes are in this season?
  6. What is the first episode of this season called?
  7. What was the last episode of this season called?
  8. What were the numbers for these episodes?
  9. Who died at the end of the season?
  10. Who did Nya cry on at the end

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Quiz topic: Ninjago season 3: how well do I know it?