what is your best weekend

this quiz will tell you what kind of weekend warrior you are. You can be a Fun Weekend warrior, a outdoors weekend warrior, a school smart weekend warrior, or best friend weekend warrior

this quiz is easy in every way all you do is answer 12 questions to determine what kind of weekend warrior you are. A fun party girl to a best friend sleep over

Created by: dorothy
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  1. After school when you have homework you ???
  2. If the cute boy in your math class asks you to hang out at lunch even if it conflicts with your extra credit work you???
  3. If you had the option to go to a country out side of Canada you would choose???
  4. Your mom tells you to clean your room you???
  5. you want to order a t-shirt online you are torn between four shirts and purple one with a black horse on it. The green one that comes with a book mark for free, the plink one with glitter all over it, the light blue one with three emojis on the front.
  6. You finally get your shirt after three weeks and you were planning on wearing it to a event you wear it to???
  7. its your birthday party your parents ask you where you want it you say???
  8. you were asked what do you want to be when you grow up you say
  9. Your school is having a dance and are apart of the planning comity you???
  10. you and your friend go on a outing you go???

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Quiz topic: What is my best weekend