Ninjago Quiz Am I A Snake Ninja Or Skeleton?

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If you see ghosts then this is a quiz to tell you if you a skeleton that sees ghosts. I belive that skeletons see ghosts so that kindof why i put skeletons in on this quiz but also there undead.

This Almost long quiz will show you if your a ninjago Skeleton Snake or a ninja. When takeing this quiz you will find some odd ?s so answer them wisely.

Created by: Unknown

  1. What element do you like or perfer?
  2. If You Could Choose What Or Who To Mary Or Date What Could It Be?
  3. What is your favorite color out of them all
  4. What Does Your Name Start With?
  5. Where Whould You Live?
  6. What Do You Want To Be?
  7. Did You Like This Quiz
  8. What are you doing after this?
  9. What Do You Think Of This Quiz?
  10. What Do you want as a pet?
  11. Are you happy or sad that this quiz has one more ?

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