Nightmare before christmas quiz

We've all seen the movie about the seleton that stole christmas, now lets see how much you know. im a big fan of this movie, for its art, its cutting edge design for the time and for its musical score.i know it in and out.

how about you? do you know how many reindeer jack has? do you know the lyrics to the songs? i want to test you to see if you like this movie as much as i do.

Created by: jacksmom
  1. Who was the voice actor for jack skelington?
  2. Who created Sally?
  3. what shape was the door that jack walked through?
  4. how many times was Dr. finklestein poisoned?
  5. who poisons him?
  6. how many times does jack kiss sally?
  7. how long did it take to make the movie the nightmare before christmas>
  8. who does jack have kidnap santa clause?
  9. who rescues sally and santa
  10. who is the pumpkin king?
  11. complete these lyrics:"I am the who when you call 'whos there?'"

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