New York State Senators

Need to learn the state senators from new york? i just got a job there and am trying to learn them all, and you can too. match the senator to their district and party affiliations.

it's trickier than it looks, but keep working, and you'll be a political ace! at least it's not the assembly-that has a lot more members. hint: the senate of new york is currently controlled by republicans.

Created by: martha

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  1. Eric Adams
  2. James Alesi
  3. John Bonacic
  4. Neil Breslin
  5. Joe Bruno
  6. Martin Conner
  7. John DeFrancisco
  8. Ruben Diaz Sr.
  9. Martin Dilan
  10. Tom Duane
  11. Hugh Farley
  12. John J. Flanagan
  13. Charles Fuschillo
  14. Martin Golden
  15. Efrian Gonzalez Jr.
  16. Joseph Griffo
  17. Kemp Hannon
  18. Ruth Hassell-Thompson
  19. Shirley Huntley
  20. Craig Johnson
  21. Owen Johnson
  22. Jeffrey Klein
  23. Liz Krueger
  24. Carl Kruger
  25. Andrew Lanza
  26. William J. Larkin
  27. Kenneth Lavelle
  28. Vincent Leibell
  29. Thomas Libous
  30. Elizabeth Little
  31. Serphin Maltese
  32. Carl Marcellino
  33. George Maziarz
  34. Velmanette Montgomery
  35. Thomas Morahan
  36. Michael Nozzolio
  37. George Onorato
  38. Suzi Oppenheimer
  39. Frank Padavan
  40. Kevin Parker

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