So I am making a new quiz where a bunch of writers can write with me and I'm really excited to actually start writing with others on Gotoquiz! This well be a blast c:

And the forum will be on is "The Library" and it will be named "LovelyTeenWriter's Chat" Can't wait to see you there! Let's bring this quiz alive shall we? c:

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter

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  1. So....I am making a new quiz right....
  2. And!! I wanted it to be a GROUP of writers writing it with me!!!!
  3. Because me and my friends wrote this hilarious story on Wattpad which got about 10,000 views and I was thinking of bringing it on here...
  4. So it will be called....I really dunno but it has to be a name about what we mostly write about!
  5. And erm will probably write like on one of the forums kay?
  6. It'll be a role play then I'll copy and paste and edit it out kay?
  7. I can't wait to bring this to Gotoquiz!! And it's pretty much like you'll make up your own name and yoy can pick who'd you want to date and stuff like that! Roleplaying! ^_^ But Niall Horan is M.I.N.E. kay?
  8. Okay and when roleplaying will probably talk like this "Hope: You are sooooo annoying if I had a nickel for every time you've annoyed me I'd have...nickles *pouts*" okaii?
  9. Me and my friends book was Hilarious Wattpad Conversations you can look it up on google IF my friend didn't delete -_-
  10. Well bye and if you want to be in the group of writers comment and the chat will be dun Dun DUN DUN! "LovelyTeenWriter's Chat" in the forum library!

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